Främlingar / Strangers at Hellvi Kännungs, Gotland, Sweden

The exhibition is extended until August 1. Open Wednesday July 31 and August 1 between 2–6 pm!

This exhibition is a personal selection of works that all formally resemble the portrait. Some of them are made as portraits of specific people, while others merely use the human face as a means of expression. Common to all drawings, paintings and sculptures is that the depicted a person is the main motif of the work. The oldest artwork in the exhibition dates from the 17th century, the last one was finished only a few weeks ago.

Dan Wolgers, Bohman-Knäpper, Stockholm, Sweden

Bohman-Knäpper is showing two parallel exhibitions by our artist Dan Wolgers.
As a starting point, Bohman-Knäpper’s wish to show the objects Nattfiskare created in 2005–2007, Dan Wolgers now ten years later reconnects to the works with a new suite called A–O.
A catalogue is produced on occasion of the exhibitions.

Opening reception: 11 November, 1–5 pm.

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New Books and Artist Talk! Helene Billgren, Mamma Andersson, Dan Wolgers, Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm, Sweden

From Press Release (in Swedish only):

Galleri Magnus Karlsson har glädjen att bjuda in till en kväll med böcker och konst. Vi presenterar tre bokprojekt där galleriets konstnärer –Helene Billgren, Mamma Andersson och Dan Wolgers – är inblandade. Kom och bläddra, träffa konstnärerna och köp signerade exemplar! Vi visar också verk av dessa konstnärer i galleriets inre rum. 18.00 ges dessutom en visning av den aktuella utställningen Under horisonten av Johanna Karlsson, Petra Lindholm och Susanne Johansson!

Varmt välkomna!


Maria Nordin, Jockum Nordström & Dan Wolgers, Färgfabriken, Stockholm, Sweden

2017 is the 30-year anniversary of the Beckers Art Award. This will be presented in a commemorative exhibition where all former winners of the award will participate alongside with this year’s winner, Anna Camner. Beckers Art award was established in 1987 and has since then proven to have a remarkable ability to identify young talent on the brink of a breakthrough in their careers. The winner is awarded a grant, which from this year has been raised from 150 000 to 200 000 SEK, and a solo exhibition that has, since 2001, been arranged and held in collaboration with Färgfabriken.

Jockum Nordström & Dan Wolgers, Karlskrona konsthall, Sweden

One day, I found a small painting by the shamefully underappreciated artist Lennart Rohde at an online auction. This painting caught my attention. Upon seeing this combination of information, which had so obviously not been tested for functionality. I doubled over with laughter and found the title to this exhibition. Ej funktionstestad (Untested).

Dan Wolgers, Spritmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden

Actualities is a joint exhibition of work by author Lena Andersson and artist Dan Wolgers, arranged in cooperation with Spritmuseum and the Absolut Art Collection. Working in close collaboration, they have brought together words and images to enrich one another, each placing their skills in the service of the other. At first glance, they might be mistaken for each other’s opposites, but as this exhibition shows, the reality is quite the contrary.

Mette Björnberg, Klara Kristalova & Dan Wolgers, Åmells Stockholm, Sweden

From Press Release (In Swedish only):
Åmells Rent Your Art – Kreativa Rum, 23/1 – 13/2 2016

Åmells Rent Your Art vill med utställningen Kreativa Rum visa konst i ett sammanhang. Kontorets, affärsvärldens eller det offentliga rummets sfärer, och genom det åskådliggöra konstens kraft att addera kreativitet och energi till sin miljö. Vi har byggt upp ett antal miljöer tillsammans med våra samarbetspartners - arkitekter, inredare och leverantörer och låtit konsten ta plats.

2014, Galleri Magnus Karlsson

We are pleased to present the group exhibition 2014. A selection of gallery artists including: Mamma Andersson, Lars Arrhenius, Thomas Broomé, Sara-Vide Ericson, Carl Hammoud, Tommy Hilding, Kent Iwemyr, Richard Johansson, Susanne Johansson, Lisa Jonasson, Klara Kristalova, Ulf Lundin, Maria Nordin, Dan Wolgers and others.

Dan Wolgers, I olivlunden / In the Olive Grove, Galleri Magnus Karlsson

We are pleased to present Dan Wolgers’ first solo exhibition in the gallery: In the Olive Grove.

Dan Wolgers has been one of the most influential Swedish artists for more than three decades. Last year he compiled a book, a kind of legacy of his oeuvre. Much of the book's content was presented in an exhibition and are now part of the collection of Moderna Museet in Stockholm. The new exhibition In the Olive Grove is a return to the starting point.

Olle Granath, who has followed Dan Wolgers' since the start, has written a text about the exhibition.

Dan Wolgers, Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmö, Sweden

Malmö Art Museum / Malmö Konsthall is a unique encounter and reflects the multi-faceted world we live in – one that is constantly changing and undergoing increasing social and environmental shifts on a global scale. Recent decades have seen revolutionary development including a changing global political power balance and the explosive growth of communications technology.

Time Waits for Us, Galleri Magnus Karlsson

Galleri Magnus Karlsson is pleased to announce a group exhibition that will be on display throughout the summer. In conjunction with the inauguration of Nationalmuseum’s temporary space with the exhibition Carl Larsson - Friends and Enemies in our building (The Royal Academy of Fine Arts), we will show Time Waits for Us . This exhibition presents new works by all of our gallery artists.

Artist’s website:

Download full biography:

Mamma Andersson, Roger Andersson, Lars Arrhenius, Idun Baltzersen, Amy Bennett, Helene Billgren, Anna Bjerger, Mette Björnberg, Thomas Broomé, Amy Cutler, Marcel Dzama, Niklas Eneblom, Sara-Vide Ericson, Jens Fänge, Carl Hammoud, Tommy Hilding, Kent Iwemyr, Richard Johansson, Susanne Johansson, Johanna Karlsson, Lisa Jonasson, Bruno Knutman, Klara Kristalova, Peter Köhler, Hans Lannér, Petra Lindholm, Ulf Lundin, Maria Nordin, Anne-Marie Nordin, Jockum Nordström, Jeff Olsson, Charlie Roberts, Bella Rune & Dan Wolgers

Stockholm Calling, London

Mamma Andersson, Roger Andersson, Lars Arrhenius, Amy Bennett, Helene Billgren, Mette Björnberg, Thomas Broomé, Amy Cutler, Marcel Dzama, Niklas Eneblom, Sara-Vide Ericson, Jens Fänge, Carl Hammoud, Tommy Hilding, Kent Iwemyr, Richard Johansson, Susanne Johansson, Lisa Jonasson, Johanna Karlsson, Bruno Knutman, Klara Kristalova, Peter Köhler, Hans Lannér, Petra Lindholm, Ulf Lundin, Anne-Marie Nordin, Maria Nordin, Jockum Nordström, Johannes Nyholm, Jeff Olsson, Charlie Roberts & Dan Wolgers

Time Waits for Us

Upcoming Exhibition

Duda Bebek, Clara Gesang-Gottowt, James Morse, Daisy Parris, Mohammed Sami & Alejandro Sintura


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