Jens Fänge, Galerie Perrotin, Paris, France

When we study Jens Fänge’s new works for The Hours Before somehow Luigi Pirandello’s absurdist play from 1921, Six Characters in Search of an Author, comes to mind.
I think this is because Fänge’s assemblages force onlookers to reconsider again and again what it is we are actually seeing – or maybe witnessing. There is a drama going on here, but which one? And what is it about?

Galleri Magnus Karlsson c/o Hotel le Manoir, Banyuls sur Mer, France

Galleri Magnus Karlsson has partnered with Hotel le Manoir in Banyuls-sur-Mer, France. We will make on-site exhibitions with gallery artists and also work towards an exchange between the artists, guests of the hotel and the local cultural scene. The first exhibition presents more than 30 works by 16 of the gallery’s artists.The works are not selected on the basis of a special theme, but there are a number connections to the geographical location, the building and the local nature and culture.

Galleri Magnus Karlsson at Frieze Art Fair, New York, USA

We are pleased to present new works by Mamma Andersson, Anna Bjerger, Jens Fänge and Charlie Roberts in our stand (#C28) at Frieze New York.

It is our second year at Frieze New York and we are the only Swedish gallery represented in the main section of the fair.

Please contact the gallery for more information. To contact us during the fair, please e-mail or call +46 708 106 906.

New Opening Days

Mamma Andersson & Jens Fänge, Artipelag, Stockholm, Sweden

In the exhibition HERE/NOW, Artipelag would like to take a stand for the physical meeting between artwork and the viewer. The title of the exhibition refers to artist Barnett Newman’s praised 1948 essay, The Sublime is Now. In the essay, Newman propagates the idea that the meeting between contemplator and artwork should be like a meeting between two people, wherein the relationship is based on a profound dialogue.

Jens Fänge, MOCA-Tucson, USA

Blueprint unites artists and architects with wide-ranging and disparate practices under a single, uniting theme: using the “blueprint” module to explore the origin of their practice. First conceived in 1999, the exhibition was a low-budget, DIY effort by and about a group of emerging artists (“ambitious and broke” artists, in the words of curator/artist Sebastiaan Bremer). A decade and a half later, the artists’ practices have matured, and Blueprint remains a fascinating recent historical document and a record of the artists’ creative trajectory and evolution.

Jens Fänge, Jeff Olsson, Helene Billgren & Carl Hammoud, Bohusläns museum, Uddevalla, Sweden

Some of the participating artists:
Jens Fänge, Tuija Lindström, Peter Johansson, Annica Karlsson Rixon, Jacob Dahlgren, Andreas Eriksson, Lotta Hannerz, Ann Eringstam, Jeff Olsson, Maria Miesenberger, Eva Klasson, Gerry Johansson, Lovisa Ringborg, Julia Peirone, Dana Sederowsky, Helene Billgren, Patrik Andine, Omid Delafrouz, Leif Elggren, Lotta Antonsson, Carl Hammoud, Annika von Hausswolff, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Tomas Lundgren & Maria Johansson.

Time Waits for Us, Galleri Magnus Karlsson

Galleri Magnus Karlsson is pleased to announce a group exhibition that will be on display throughout the summer. In conjunction with the inauguration of Nationalmuseum’s temporary space with the exhibition Carl Larsson - Friends and Enemies in our building (The Royal Academy of Fine Arts), we will show Time Waits for Us . This exhibition presents new works by all of our gallery artists.

Carl Hammoud & Jens Fänge, Gallery Baton, Seoul, South Korea

From Press Release:

Gallery Baton is pleased to present Diplopia, an exhibition introducing new works by Swedish artists Jens Fänge and Carl Hammoud.

Diplopia is the technical term for double vision; the simultaneous perception of two images. The title refers to the common denominators in the works of Fänge/Hammoud, such as the usage of two (or more) images, the double exposure of objects, or simply the equivocal nature of their works - where one interpretation is as true as another.

Jens Fänge, Stena 15, Göteborgs Konstmuseum, Sweden

Sten A Olssons Kulturstipendium 1996 – 2011

Ett urval av de första 15 årens stipendiater i en utställning curerad av Sune
Nordgren. Utställningen presenterar åtta bildkonstnärer vars verk får bilda
nedslag i den samtida konsten. Följande konstnärer deltar: Monica Englund,
Jens Fänge, Annika von Hausswolff, Eva Hild, Jarl Ingvarsson, Maria Lindberg,
Mikael Olsson och Ola Åstrand. Utställningen har tillkommit på initiativ av
Stenastiftelsens styrelse i nära samarbete med Göteborgs konstmuseum.

Pudelns Hjärna – en utställning sammanställd av Jens Fänge

I drömmen drömmer drömmen en dröm.
Det händer konstiga saker ibland. Trollkarlen drack upp sig själv och försvann.

Jag tänker att den här utställningen skall fungera som en kinesisk ask. Både i enskilda verk och i det arbete som hela utställningen utgör finns historier och bilder som reflekterar över relationen mellan konsten och (det som ibland kallas) verkligheten. Skikt efter skikt av minnen och erfarenheter. Det skenbart enkla skavfota med fint utmejslade världar. Utställningen rymmer motsägelser. Jag tror att dessa möten alstrar ljus.

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Upcoming Exhibition

Roger Andersson, Idun Baltzersen, Helene Billgren, Mette Björnberg, Thomas Broomé, et al.

Spotlight #2

27.10—6.11 2016




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