Idun Baltzersen & Jockum Nordström et al., Magasin III, Stockholm, Sweden

From press release:
A Quiet Spring Wanders Through the Apartment (original title En tyst vår vandrar genom lägenheten) takes its point of departure in the rooms we create for our being. These rooms can be physical places, but also mental states that enable interpersonal encounters as well as introspection and a shield from the noise of the outside world.

Mamma Andersson, Sara-Vide Ericson & Jockum Nordström et al., Ståhl Collection, Norrköping, Sweden

From press release:
Ståhl Collection is a private initiative where art collector Mikael Ståhl presents his extraordinary collection of contemporary art, which he has collected since the early 1980s. Totalling some 400 works, the collection consists mainly of paintings and sculptures from the late 1950s to today.

A conversation between Jockum Nordström & Kim Hiorthøy, Tegnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway

The Norwegian Drawing Association (Tegnerforbundet) and Numer presents an artist talk between Jockum Nordström and Kim Hiorthøy. The conversation was recorded in connection to the exhibition Who Came in the Stairs (16.8–27.9, 2020) with works by bruno Knutman and jockum Nordström. The exhibition is a collaboration between Tegnerforbundet and Galleri Magnus Karlsson. The conversation was recorded in Swedish.

Stilla liv / Still Life, Hellvi Kännungs, Gotland

We are pleased to announce the ninth summer exhibition at Hellvi Kännungs, Gotland, Sweden. The exhibition Still Life presents a personal selection of paintings, sculptures and photographs around the concept of still life. Pictures and objects of subjects which have been carefully arranged or where everyday life and chance have set the stage. In some works the objects are loaded with content and history, in others reduced to forms and surfaces in a composition.

Mamma Andersson & Jockum Nordström, Dialogues: The David Zwirner Podcast

From David Zwirner:
When we recorded this episode in New York earlier this month with the artists Mamma Andersson and Jockum Nordström, who have been together for more than three decades, the situation in this city was very different.

Since then, Andersson’s exhibition at our New York gallery, The Lost Paradise, was cut short due to the escalating spread of COVID-19, and our spaces have closed temporarily worldwide.

Jockum Nordström, Skissernas Museum, Lund, Sweden

From press release:

Welcome to a press preview Tuesday June 9 at 9.30–11 pm. The exhibition opens to the public the same day at 11 pm.
Skissernas Museum presents Jockum Nordström, one of Sweden’s most internationally acclaimed artists. Without Lantern is Nordström’s first solo exhibition at a Swedish art institution since 2005. And it is the first time his shadow play installation The Anchor Hits the Sand is shown in Sweden.

New dates! Jockum Nordström, La Criée centre d’art contemporain, Rennes, France, 19.5–29.8 2021

From press release:
A major figure on the Swedish art scene, Jockum Nordström has devoted over thirty years to his mischievous mix of worlds quotidian and oneiric, human and animal, abstract and naive, natural and architectural. At La Criée Centre for Contemporary Art he’s presenting a selection of recent works: collages, drawings and cardboard sculptures.

Jockum Nordström, Chart Art Fair 2019, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark

We are pleased to present new works by Jockum Nordström at Chart Art Fair in Copenhagen, Denmark. Jockum Nordström (b. 1963) has worked across borders with art, books and music since the late 1980s. He is one of Sweden’s most internationally acclaimed artists and has exhibited at galleries, museums and institutions all over the world.

Mamma Andersson/Jockum Nordström Grafikstiftung Neo Rauch, Aschersleben Germany


Grafikstiftung Neo Rauch
Opening: 25 May 2019 | as of 4:00 p.m.
Exhibition: 26 May 2019 – 3 May 2020

Hans Aichinger | Mamma Andersson | Tilo Baumgärtel | Michaël Borremans | Sebastian Burger | Robert Crumb | Marcel Dzama | Hartwig Ebersbach | Rosa Loy | Kerry James Marshall | Jonathan Meese | Jockum Nordström | Neo Rauch | David Schnell | Kristina Schuldt | Sebastian Speckmann | Michael Triegel | Luc Tuymans | Rose Wylie | Lisa Yuskavage

Book signing with Jockum Nordström February 9, 12–4 pm!

For the Insects and the Hounds
Book signing Saturday February 9, 12–2 pm.

We have the pleasure to host the Swedish release of the book For the Insects and the Hounds by Jockum Nordström. It is published by Zeno X in Antwerp and Koenig Books in Berlin. A selection of works from 2014–2017 is presented over 184 pages, including a text by Katarina Wadstein Macleod

Meet Jockum Nordström at the gallery on Saturday between 12–2 pm, and get a signed copy of the book!


Mamma Andersson, Anna Bjerger & Jockum Nordström, Galleri Bo Bjerggaard, Copenhagen, Denmark

From Press release:

On Saturday, 26 January 2019, Galleri Bo Bjerggaard is opening the exhibition Works on Paper , presenting works by 27 different artists and, in turn, 27 different approaches to paper as a material. The exhibition will be shown in the gallery's west rooms.

When Galleri Bo Bjerggaard first opened its doors in 1999, in Pilestrmde, one our first exhibitions was of works on paper by such heavyweights of the period as Baselitz, Fautrier, lmmendorf, Jorn, Kirkeby, Lupertz, Mortensen, Penck, Picabia and Polke.

Mamma Andersson & Jockum Nordström, Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen, DE

Interestingly, contemporary artists in this age of digitalisation and social media are increasingly focusing again on drawing. This is perhaps a coincidence considering that the medium is generally regarded as the most direct of all forms of artistic expression. With its intimate appeal, its narrative as well as subjective inquisitive potentials, the gestures of drawing exert a fascination that is now appears more relevant than ever.

Jockum Nordström et. al., Uppsala Konstmuseum, Sweden

Uppsala Konstmuseum is exhibiting a selection of prints from their own collection. Besides Jockum Nordström, the exhibition also includes artists such as Niki de Saint Phalle, Friedensreich Hundertwassers, Helen Frankenthaler that belonged to The New York School, American pop art by Jasper Johns as well as a group of radical Swedish artists of the 60s and 70s such as Carl Johan De Geer, Marie-Louise Ekman, Lena Svedberg and Lars Hillersberg.

Jockum Nordström & Marcel Dzama, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

It was in 1996 that collectors Florence and Daniel Guerlain created their contemporary art foundation at Mesnuls, southwest of Paris, which staged thematic exhibitions and organised engraving workshops. In 2004, their interests changed and their support was redirected to promoting contemporary drawing. In 2006 they established a prize that was awarded for the first time the following year. The biggest prize awarded for contemporary drawing, this year it celebrated its tenth anniversary.

Kent Iwemyr & Jockum Nordström, Eighteen / V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Participating artists:
Tomer Aluf
Dan Attoe
Troels Carlsen
Walter Dahn
Rose Eken
Genieve Figgis
Danny Fox
Kent Iwemyr
Misaki Kawai
Karen Kilimnik
Per Kirkeby
Wes Lang
Austin Lee
Julie Lænkholm
Jonathan Meese
Jockum Nordström
Bjørn Nørgaard
Vincent Szarek
Troels Wörsel
Kaspar Oppen Samuelsen

More information:

Maria Nordin, Jockum Nordström & Dan Wolgers, Färgfabriken, Stockholm, Sweden

2017 is the 30-year anniversary of the Beckers Art Award. This will be presented in a commemorative exhibition where all former winners of the award will participate alongside with this year’s winner, Anna Camner. Beckers Art award was established in 1987 and has since then proven to have a remarkable ability to identify young talent on the brink of a breakthrough in their careers. The winner is awarded a grant, which from this year has been raised from 150 000 to 200 000 SEK, and a solo exhibition that has, since 2001, been arranged and held in collaboration with Färgfabriken.

Jockum Nordström & Dan Wolgers, Karlskrona konsthall, Sweden

One day, I found a small painting by the shamefully underappreciated artist Lennart Rohde at an online auction. This painting caught my attention. Upon seeing this combination of information, which had so obviously not been tested for functionality. I doubled over with laughter and found the title to this exhibition. Ej funktionstestad (Untested).

När ingen vandrar vägen fram, då vandrar vägen själv sitt damm, Jockum Nordström, Galleri Magnus Karlsson

We are pleased to present Jockum Nordström’s seventh solo exhibition in the gallery; När ingen vandrar vägen fram, då vandrar vägen själv sitt damm. The exhibition features collages, drawings and sculptures from the last year, and is presented in all rooms of the gallery.

Jockum Nordström, National Gallery of Iceland, Reykjavík, Iceland

From Press Release:
The National Gallery of Iceland begins its exhibition program in the new year with an exhibition that brings together four contemporary artists: Gauthier Hubert (1967), Chantal Joffe (1969), Jockum Nordström (1963) and Tumi Magnússon (1957). All four center their work on the human being itself. The presentation of their work revolves around art itself and its history, both ancient and modern, and they take quite disparate approaches to historical points of departure.

Mamma Andersson and Jockum Nordström, Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm, Sweden

(In Swedish only)
Välkomna till en kväll med böcker och musik på Galleri Magnus Karlsson! Vi presenterar ett urval nya publikationer som Mamma Andersson och Jockum Nordström varit involverade i under året. Böcker och skivor kommer att finnas till försäljning med möjlighet att få dem signerade. Kl. 18.00 blir det livemusik med Mats Bergström och Svante Henryson, samt diktläsning av Gunnar Harding.

Tid: Tisdag 8 december kl. 17–19
Plats: Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Fredsgatan 12, Stockholm

Mamma Andersson, Klara Kristalova, Jockum Nordström & Dan Wolgers, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden

From Press Release (in Swedish only):
Konstakademien samlar sig för Jubileumsåret 2018

Vernissage: Lördagen den 3 oktober med invigning kl 13:00 av tf Preses Leif Bolter och ständig sekreterare Susanna Slöör.
Finissage: Söndagen den 1 november

Jubileumssamlingen som visas i Galleri Väst/Ateljén och Galleri Öst med start den 3 oktober inleder Kungl. Akademiens för de fria konsterna (Konstakademien) treåriga satsning på att etablera en Jubileumsfond år 2018 till stöd för verksamheten.

Jockum Nordström & Marcel Dzama, Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, Skärhamn, Sweden

Press release:
Donation Florence & Daniel Guerlain, Centre Pompidou, Paris

Florence and Daniel Guerlain have dedicated much of their lives to art. They have been building a large art collection with works by contemporary artists since the 1990s. In 2013, the couple donated 1,200 drawings to the Centre Pompidou art museum in Paris.

Chart Art Fair, Copenhagen, 21–23.8 2015

We are proud to participate in the third edition of Chart Art Fair in Copenhagen. The fair is focused on contemporary art from the leading galleries in the Nordic region. It showcases a selection of carefully selected and invited galleries and features an ambitious collateral programme of talks, performances and special projects.

In our stand (#19) we will present new works on paper by a selection of gallery artists. Please contact us for more information and visuals.

Welcome to Copenhagen!

Jockum Nordström, Albertina, Vienna, Austria

The Drawing Now exhibition provides an up-to-date survey of drawing, painting and illustration in contemporary art. It showcases the viewpoints of around 35 international artists who collectively represent contemporary drawing and who, individually, are taking it in a direction of their own. Drawing Now sheds light on the diversity of issues that artists articulate with the aid of drawing, and shows drawing in its exciting dimensions and manifestations.

Jockum Nordström & Marcel Dzama, Studio Fotokino, Marseille, France

The month of November will be enlightened by five artists from Northern Europe and Canada : using different medias, such as drawing, collage, engraving or textile design, each in their own way bring forth a peculiar world, criss-crossed by a nordic sensitivity. Natural and urban environment, relationship and communication are reccurrent themes in their work.

Carl Hammoud & Jockum Nordström, Magasin 3, Stockholm, Sweden

Curator: David Neuman

Maya Attoun, Ann Böttcher, Mark Dion, Marcel van Eeden, Carl August Ehrensvärd, Kendell Geers, Jan Groth, Robert Guillot, Carl Hammoud, Carl Fredrik Hill, Bror Hjorth, Ernst Josephson, R.B. Kitaj, Alfred Leslie, Elias Martin, Bjarne Melgaard, Jockum Nordström, Tal R, Julie Roberts, Gil Shani, Johan Tobias Sergel, Amy Simon, Olle Skagerfors, Jacob Stangerup, Fredrik Söderberg, Keith Tyson, Alexandra Zuckerman, Christine Ödlund

Jockum Nordström, Camden Arts Centre, London, UK

From Press Release:
This major survey of work by Swedish artist Jockum Nordström (b.1963) brings together collages, graphite drawings and architectural sculptures, representing the breadth of his work from the 1990s to the most recent pieces made especially for the exhibition. The title All I have Learned and Forgotten Again harks back to the wisdom and magic of childhood, a lament of the lost innocence that gives way to the demands of an adult world.

Time Waits for Us, Galleri Magnus Karlsson

Galleri Magnus Karlsson is pleased to announce a group exhibition that will be on display throughout the summer. In conjunction with the inauguration of Nationalmuseum’s temporary space with the exhibition Carl Larsson - Friends and Enemies in our building (The Royal Academy of Fine Arts), we will show Time Waits for Us . This exhibition presents new works by all of our gallery artists.

Jockum Nordström & Richard Johansson, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Borås Konstmuseum, Sweden

1963 besökte Beatles Borås och -63 var också året för bandets stora genombrott, ett genombrott som på flera sätt förändrade världen. Popen fyller 50 år och det uppmärksammar Borås konstmuseum med en utställning som manifesterar relationen mellan bild och musik. Ett trettiotal inbjudna konstnärer (bland andra Jockum Nordström, Nina Bondesson, Anna-Clara Tidholm, Max Book) har låtit sig inspireras av den svenska popen med dess förgreningar som hårdrock och hip-hop till exempel. Foto, skivomslag och flyers från de gångna 50 åren utgör en separat del av utställningen.

Utan Söm och Socka, Jockum Nordström, Johanna Karlsson, Lisa Jeannin/Rolf Schuurmans & Dan Wolgers, Hellvi Kännungs, Gotland, Sweden

From Press Release: (in swedish)
Galleri Magnus Karlsson har glädjen att presentera utställningen Utan Söm och Socka på Hellvi Kännungs, Gotland. Hellvi Kännungs är galleriets projektrum sommartid och öppnade förra året med utställningen Pudelns Hjärna sammanställd av Jens Fänge. Tanken med projektrummet är att skapa förutsättningar för oväntade möten och uppmuntra nya samarbeten och idéer.

Download full biography:

Mamma Andersson, Roger Andersson, Idun Baltzersen, Amy Bennett, Helene Billgren, Anna Bjerger, Mette Björnberg, Thomas Broomé, Marcel Dzama, Niklas Eneblom, Sara-Vide Ericson, Jens Fänge, Carl Hammoud, Tommy Hilding, Kent Iwemyr, Susanne Johansson, Richard Johansson, Lisa Jonasson, Johanna Karlsson, Bruno Knutman, Klara Kristalova, Peter Köhler, Hans Lannér, Petra Lindholm, Ulf Lundin, Maria Nordin, Jockum Nordström, Jeff Olsson & Bella Rune

Summer Exhibition

Mamma Andersson, Idun Baltzersen, Amy Bennett, Helene Billgren, Anna Bjerger, Mette Björnberg, Thomas Broomé, Marcel Dzama, Niklas Eneblom, Sara-Vide Ericson, Jens Fänge, Carl Hammoud, Tommy Hilding, Kent Iwemyr, Susanne Johansson, Richard Johansson, Lisa Jonasson, Johanna Karlsson, Bruno Knutman, Klara Kristalova, Peter Köhler, Hans Lannér, Petra Lindholm, Ulf Lundin, Maria Nordin, Jockum Nordström, Jeff Olsson, Charlie Roberts & Bella Rune

Summer Group Show

Mamma Andersson, Roger Andersson, Lars Arrhenius, Idun Baltzersen, Amy Bennett, Helene Billgren, Anna Bjerger, Mette Björnberg, Thomas Broomé, Amy Cutler, Marcel Dzama, Niklas Eneblom, Sara-Vide Ericson, Jens Fänge, Carl Hammoud, Tommy Hilding, Kent Iwemyr, Richard Johansson, Susanne Johansson, Johanna Karlsson, Lisa Jonasson, Bruno Knutman, Klara Kristalova, Peter Köhler, Hans Lannér, Petra Lindholm, Ulf Lundin, Maria Nordin, Anne-Marie Nordin, Jockum Nordström, Jeff Olsson, Charlie Roberts, Bella Rune & Dan Wolgers

Stockholm Calling, London

Mamma Andersson, Roger Andersson, Lars Arrhenius, Amy Bennett, Helene Billgren, Mette Björnberg, Thomas Broomé, Amy Cutler, Marcel Dzama, Niklas Eneblom, Sara-Vide Ericson, Jens Fänge, Carl Hammoud, Tommy Hilding, Kent Iwemyr, Richard Johansson, Susanne Johansson, Lisa Jonasson, Johanna Karlsson, Bruno Knutman, Klara Kristalova, Peter Köhler, Hans Lannér, Petra Lindholm, Ulf Lundin, Anne-Marie Nordin, Maria Nordin, Jockum Nordström, Johannes Nyholm, Jeff Olsson, Charlie Roberts & Dan Wolgers

Time Waits for Us

Upcoming Exhibition

Duda Bebek, Clara Gesang-Gottowt, James Morse, Daisy Parris, Mohammed Sami & Alejandro Sintura


22.1—5.3 2022




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