A conversation in exhibition The Monument, Sept. 20, 6.00 PM

You are welcome to a conversation in Ulf Lundin’s exhibition The Monument at the gallery. The Monument presents a photgraphic project based upon the area around Högdalstoppen, south of Stockholm, where Ulf Lundin has spent much time in recent years. The photographs depict a specific place but are also loaded with an underlying narrative dealing with dreams and reality. In the conversation artist Ulf Lundin, the writer Stefan Lindberg and the journalist Per Wirtén looks at the place from their different perspectives.

Maria Nordin, Sturehof, Stockholm Sweden

From Press Release (in Swedish only):

När sommaren är förbi och hösten är på intåg är det dags för Sturehofs höstsalong då konstnären Johan Petterson i vanlig ordning väljer ut konstnärer. I år är det sex av landets bästa konstnärer som pryder väggarna i matsalen med målningar och foto; Bosse Larsson, Madeleine Hatz, Karin Lind, John Rasimus, Christofer Dracke och Maria Nordin.

Mamma Andersson, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, USA

Press release:

Presented in partnership with FotoFocus Biennial 2018

Painters often draw from 
existing visual materials, such as photographs and reproductions of past works of art, to inspire and construct their work. Swedish artist Mamma Andersson (born 1962)—known for her dreamlike, faintly narrative compositions inspired by Nordic painting, folk art, newspaper photographs, and cinema—is no exception.

Bella Rune et al., Garage Museum of Contemporary Arts, Moscow, Russia

Press release:

In fall 2018, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art presents The Fabric of Felicity, an international project showcasing clothes in art outside the context of the fashion industry. The exhibition spans five continents and features over forty artists, including representatives of historical avant-gardes, members of the Soviet and Brazilian underground art scenes, and new generation artists from Russia, Japan, USA, Zimbabwe, and other countries.

Maria Nordin, Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, Skärhamn, Sweden

Press release:
In autumn 2018, the Nordic Watercolour Museum presents a comprehensive solo exhibition by Maria Nordin. The core of the exhibition will be the artist’s latest large-format watercolours and animated short films. These pieces are being shown for the first time. The presentation also includes a rich selection of older paintings and animations, which are both on loan and taken from the Nordic Watercolour Museum’s own collection.

Idun Baltzersen, Teckningsmuseet, Laholm, Sweden

From press release:
Idun Baltzersen (born 1987) works with large woodcuts where the blocks are integrated into magnificent installations with drawings, graphics and textiles. She works figuratively with different techniques, mainly woodcut, dry point, linocut and drawing. Her themes often concern the lives of young women and their relationship with themselves and the outside world. As a viewer, one is overwhelmed by how the powerful artworks contrast the tender thematic.


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