Amy Bennett

Stirring Still

3–29.4 2015, The Leroy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, New York, USA

Participating artists:
Samuel T. Adams
Gina Beavers
Amy Bennett
Matthew Buckingham
Jessica Dickinson
Lois Dodd
Josephine Halvorson
Corin Hewitt
Elizabeth Jaeger
Claudio Nolasco
John Walker

Curated by Ioana Manolache and Maria Stabio

It's a given that the creative process is unique to each artist. In her book,
This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage, the author Ann Patchett compares her process of writing fiction to killing a butterfly and embossing its essence onto a page. The final piece never quite becomes what her imagination aspires to. For her, writing is an act of violence. Stories are freshly killed, not born. If our stories actually take form in their death, then we're just getting started.

What resides in the place in between the image and the material?

An unsettled space where the opportunity for manipulation, transformation and transgression is ever present. A jump of belief is necessary in entering the content of imagery, but the murmur of its materiality is constantly obstructing the attempt to only engage with ideas. These works unravel both in time and in space, in tandem, ever evolving and never settling still before our eyes, well past their completion.

Opening Friday April 3, 5 - 7pm

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