Anna Bjerger


2.3 2018, 0–0 LA, Los Angeles, USA

Press release:

0–0 LA is proud to present “Slivers” a solo exhibit by Sweden based painter Anna Bjerger. “Slivers” will run from March 1 through March 31, 2018. An opening reception will be held on March 1st between 6-9pm.

Discovery is automatic today. Algorithms point us in the right direction. When one Vietnamese black metal LP ends in the browser window, another one begins. There is no hunt, no route. Discovery is passive. We elected to automate the process of discovery in order to give ourselves a chance of settling on anything from what’s available today. Everything is available today.
This text is not a broadside. We love technology, because we have to, because it’s become family. It’s hard to break up with family. This text is about definitions, and restating what ‘discovery’ is.

Discovery requires confluence. Things have to pull together. One makes a discovery at the end of a journey. Discovery is liquid. You can’t hold it or frame it or make it sit still. It is a moment of clarity after a long period of waiting. You don’t know how long for, but you learn to enjoy the wait, and be receptive. Discovery is a payoff. Paul Virilio proposed, in 1980’s The Aesthetics of Disappearance, that our lives are punctuated by small, pure moments; that there are perhaps a dozen life events one remembers, moments that endure in total focus. They aren’t even usually big moments. They’re just moments. What are yours?
Anna Bjerger is, literally, a painter of liquid. She is a master practitioner of juiciness, shine, cream and gravity. She paints in oil on aluminum, and can tune the tempo of a brushstroke or a dribble. She knows how wet pigments might pool together, and the exact point at which a mark takes on sculptural weight or loses it. The compositions are derived from photographs — the artist’s uncited personal archive, with time and place unknown — and her paintings, like photographs, develop. Liquid becoming image, it’s a process.
Bjerger is, conceptually, a painter of liquid. She leads by example, depicting discovery by painting in preparation for it. It is liberating to let go of subject matter as the bellwether of meaning in a painting. It is important to remember what discovery actually is.

–Text by William Pym

Opening reception Thursday March 1, 6–9pm.

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