Anna Bjerger


17–22.10 2017, Nordic Contemporary, Paris, France

Group show with Anna Bjerger, Astrid Svangren, Jesper Just, Tal R, Anna Uddenberg among others.

Nordic Contemporary's press text:

To Sink. To sink below. Something. A surface.

The exhibition is about a certain set of logic based around questions of sinking into, an unconscious action, a pull of gravity that swallows you up in a way, like Scarlett

Johansen as she walks into the dark in the film Under the Skin; towards something, away from something: An identity, a material, a past, a screen?

Hey Strindberg - Is there something in the shadows; was there ever anything there? Don’t we all just want to get access to that which is behind the screen?Andy Warhol was all about surface.Is this just another depression?

The exhibition is consciously fragmented and makes no attempt to justify the connection between the works themselves. It is the experiment: To see what is the dialogue between them... Many of the works have a sense of desperation, yet there are elements of beauty, order and control.

The works, just as the title of the exhibition, are justied by duality, dystopian at the same time full of possibilities in an almost meta physical belief that in the act of sinking there is the possibility of rebirth. Or as Jim Morrison sang with the Doors ‘break on through to the other side’.

The exhibition attempts to break down hierarchies. High culture meets low culture, polished meets raw, natural meets clinical in an eclectic brew that aims to clash more than to harmonize; yet some-how linked through the artists’ view, set against the backdrop of the dark Nordic cultural history at its meeting point with the modern urban being. The opening is activated by a live performance which further interacts with the artworks and the space itself creating an experience where all connections are made visible as a whole.

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