Anna Bjerger

7.4—13.4 2020, Galleri Bo Bjerggaard, Copenhagen, Denmark

From press release:
Galleri Bo Bjerggaard is pleased to present an Online Presentation of the Swedish artist Anna Bjerger

Anna Bjerger (b. 1973) has always been fascinated by photographs, what happened in the moments before and after the photo was taken. The fact that you freeze a moment into in image.
The point of departure for Bjerger’s works are photographs found in her archive of old magazines, books and pamphlets found at local fleamarkets.
She sorts through her archive, perhaps something new has happened to a photograph. Which then moves it from one context to another, from photo to painting. Bjerger explains that she needs to have a genuine feeling for the image, to connect with it to show the mood.

Bjerger paints in oil on aluminium plates, using expressive brushstrokes to bring the imagery to life.
The vibrant energy in each work is part of its appeal. The work process demands a certain skill, fluidity and fluency from Bjerger’s hand. A single false move can destroy the work. Bjerger doesn’t build up dense layers of paint, a polished image, she blends a series of moves, wet into wet, which creates a complex, vibrant surface.

In his text for Anna’s solo show, Silence, at Galleri Bo Bjerggaard, @davidrisley wrote:
'I used to hear it all the time. That's not a typical Anna Bjerger. No, it's not. Ah, that is a typical Anna Bjerger. No, it's not. None of them are. There isn’t a typical Anna Bjerger painting. People see the themes they want to see. To some, she paints forests and mountains, to some it's paintings of girls. Anna's subject matter is wide ranging. Yes, she paints portraits and landscapes but she also paints toilet rolls. When she does paint sunsets or other seemingly easily accessible subjects, it’s probably for a very different reason than we imagine.'

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