Anna Bjerger

Anna Bjerger

1.5–28.6 2020, Gl. Holtegaard, Denmark

Anna Bjerger
1.5–28.6 2020
Attemosevej 170, Holte, Denmark

From press release:
PAINTING: In the spring, Swedish visual artist Anna Bjerger (b. 1973) creates a site-specific solo exhibition, which can be seen in both the house and baroque garden at Gl. Holtegaard. She researches from an idea or narrative that binds all the works together as she works with series of paintings.

The exhibition will consist of new paintings, all based on thoughts about the Baroque and the story of Gl. Holtegaard and Bjerger will thus create a poetic relationship between her new works and the old Baroque plant. It is precisely this meeting - the meeting between place and work - that makes Gl. Holtegaard's Baroque facility relevant to contemporary art and elevates contemporary art into a larger context.

The exhibition is financially supported by:
The Obelisk Family Fund

Statens Kunstfonds Project Support Committee for Visual Arts supports Gl. Holtegaard's exhibition program

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