Opening 1.9.2011: Amy Cutler's Brood

Galleri Magnus Karlsson is pleased to present the first solo exhibition by Amy Cutler in the gallery. Brood is also the first gallery exhibition by American artist Amy Cutler in Europe.

Amy Cutler intertwines unique allegories with threads of actualities, art history, folk tales and personal experiences. The paintings, drawings and prints are meticulously detailed, mysterious and surrealistic depictions of people, animals and hybrids in dream-like activities. They have a perplexing quality that encourages the viewer to enter the work in order to find the keys. For the exhibition Brood, a title with many different meanings and interpretations, she has for the first time made a series of portraits.

Pudelns Hjärna – en utställning sammanställd av Jens Fänge

I drömmen drömmer drömmen en dröm.
Det händer konstiga saker ibland. Trollkarlen drack upp sig själv och försvann.

Jag tänker att den här utställningen skall fungera som en kinesisk ask. Både i enskilda verk och i det arbete som hela utställningen utgör finns historier och bilder som reflekterar över relationen mellan konsten och (det som ibland kallas) verkligheten. Skikt efter skikt av minnen och erfarenheter. Det skenbart enkla skavfota med fint utmejslade världar. Utställningen rymmer motsägelser. Jag tror att dessa möten alstrar ljus.

Svarta Bubblor/Black Bubbles

SVARTA BUBBLOR is Lars Arrhenius seventh solo exhibition in the gallery. It is also Lars Arrhenius’s return to hand-made drawings and comics, which was his way into the arts. After ten years of partially computer generated wall works and animations these drawings began to develop. The works, however, is text-based and in a way an ‘anti-comics’. In about 50 ink drawings, we follow what people are brooding over and babbling about in the darkness of the night. The story is full of recognition, and despite its simple form it accommodates many of life’s great questions.

Las Palmas

Galleri Magnus Karlsson is pleased to present a solo presentation with Johannes Nyholm at The Art Fair Market at Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm.

In Frames

Galleri Magnus Karlsson is pleased to present the exhibition IN FRAMES with new works by the artists; Niklas Eneblom, Maria Nordin and Ulf Lundin.
The title can allude to framed paintings at an exhibition, but rather highlights the artists' relationship to film, working practices and regulations.

Gallery 1:
Niklas Eneblom

New works

We are proud to present an exhibition with three new larger works by Jeff Olsson. The stories spring to us from the wilderness, where dream and reality is as close as inseparable brothers and sisters, where the present seems to collide with the past and destruction with bloom. Drawings in charcoal and graphite in which the meeting with the grand nature contains the most detailed stories.


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