Bella Rune

Art and Shops

1.6 2018–6.1 2019, Tensta konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden

From press release:

In the project Art and shops, art will find its way into store shelves, store windows, secret pathways, inside and outside Tensta centrums main building. In that way art will be presented in the most everyday situations: when one buy groceries, shopping for lunch or cutting one’s hair; therefore, providing a way to other forms of contact and exchange.

Tensta centrum’s opening ceremony was held in 1969 at the pedestrian street Tenstagången. A couple of years later, in 1975, the subways blue line opened, whose two entrances still frames the main centre building. During the 1980’s the shops were framed by glass in a very postmodern way and the building assumed a church-like character with tall glass windows with orange frames and arched corridors. If the centre under its younger days of the Million programme consisted mainly by different types of social services such as employment agencies, banks, pharmacies and post offices, the centre of 2018 is another place with the dominance of fast food restaurants, gift- and household shops. The shops are primarily run by small local businesses.

Invited artists: Annika Eriksson, Bella Rune, Carin Ellberg, Carsten Höller, Dale Harding, Marie-Louise Ekman, Meric Algün, Nina Svensson, Olivia Plender, Pınar Öğrenci, Salad Hilowle, Sorawit Songsataya och Thomas Elovsson

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