Carl Hammoud

A Zone of Reduced Complexity

26.1–16.3 2013, Lora Reynolds Gallery, Austin, Texas, USA.

Lora Reynolds is pleased to announce A Zone of Reduced Complexity, an exhibition of new work by Carl Hammoud. This is the artist's first solo presentation at Lora Reynolds Gallery. The show includes graphite drawings, watercolors, oil paintings, and paper sculptures.

Carl Hammoud's work depicts scenes and objects from laboratories, museums, libraries, archives, offices, and classrooms. His imagery seems to be lifted from the periphery of scientific experimentation, academic research, and cultural preservation. The work alludes to fields of study ranging from psychology and chemistry to lepidoptery and seismology to conservation and restoration.

Hammoud is interested in the construction of systems that enable the proliferation of knowledge, meaning, and understanding. He is fascinated by how humans are fascinated by the world around them. It seems everything in the world must have a name, a reason, an explanation. Order is the Holy Grail of the Information Age.

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