Charlie Roberts


18.8–30.9 2017, David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Opening reception 25.8

For his new exhibition, Windows, Charlie Roberts has made a series of 13 paintings which are all the same size and format and on the same subject; his most cohesive series of paintings to date. The paintings are of windows, each one leading to the next, giving a kind of movement through a city, from life to life. A window in the background or a reflection in a mirror in one painting becomes the main subject of the next painting in the series. The paintings are focused on women, the only man seen in the 13 paintings is putting all his attention on pleasing a woman. This is a city of women which we only catch in glimpses through windows and reflections. The viewer is voyeuristic, moving through the city like a camera or a bird. Always on the outside looking in. Even when the subject fills the canvas all we see is a reflection in her sunglasses, while we presume she has a clear sight of the viewer.

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