Jockum Nordström & Bruno Knutman

A conversation between Jockum Nordström & Kim Hiorthøy

15.9 2020, Tegnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway

The Norwegian Drawing Association (Tegnerforbundet) and Numer presents an artist talk between Jockum Nordström and Kim Hiorthøy. The conversation was recorded in connection to the exhibition Who Came in the Stairs (16.8–27.9, 2020) with works by bruno Knutman and jockum Nordström. The exhibition is a collaboration between Tegnerforbundet and Galleri Magnus Karlsson. The conversation was recorded in Swedish.

Read more about the exhibition here:
Who Came in the Stairs?

View the video here!


Tegnerforbundet och Numer presenterar ett konstnärssamtal mellan Jockum Nordström och Kim Hiorthøy. Samtalet spelades in med anledning av utställningen Vem gick i trappan? (16.8–27.9, 2020) med verk av Bruno Knutman och Jockum Nordström. Utställningen är ett samarbete mellan Tegnerforbundet och Galleri Magnus Karlsson.

Läs mer om utställningen här:
Vem gick i trappan?

Se videon här!

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