Hans Lannér

Little Hymns

9.3–10.4 2012, Skylight Projects, New York, USA

Address: 551 WEST 21ST Street #410A [Between N 10th & 11th Ave] New York

Skylight Projects is pleased to announce the first solo show of accomplished Swedish painter, Hans Lannér in New York City. The show is comprised of sixteen paintings, each a portrait of a house - a re-occuring element in Lannér's work. With his trademark understated depictions of life and simple, yet impenetrable style, Lannér manages to creat rich dimensionality through a distinctly flat world of color and perspective. The images of normal looking houses are interrupted with abstract and seemingly random shapes that turn the images into something more. The realities being presented are not frozen snapshots of a specific time but elements of memory, objects, and experiences that come together to create a feeling of a place rather then just a static image. Lannér works with images from various origins - moments from journeys, daily life, abstract thoughts and fading memories. Perhaps this is a more truthful way of expressing what each house is like- honest in a deeper mulitlayered sense that is not just about a visual. The off-kilter perspectives and overly simplistic representations seem to gently coax the viewer into feeling there is more to the story then a house, a wall or a window. There is a sensitive roughness to his work that enhances the mundane snapshots of life Lannér chooses to paint. The paintings are bathed in light, shining with muted Scandinavian colors and restrained expressiveness. Flattened fields of perspective enhance the numerous interpretations of what is really being shown to the viewer. Each painting is as abstract as it is realistic, with smears of paint fighting to be without context. With names like A Murder, and A Tiny Old Lady, Lannér sets a slightly mysterious tone to his work. The audience is privy to select elements in a much larger story. There is a timeless, fateful quality in Lannér's work that Ulf Linde described in catalogue text:

"...When our own species has died out the earth will continue to spin without us. The horizon will continue to be horizontal, weights will continue to fall straight downwards, night will continue to follow on day: everything that the man crossing the road never needs to think about but takes for granted. This is what Hans Lannér gives expression to in his little, etched hymns." (from the book "Hans Lannér", Carlsson bokförlag, 2008)

Hans Lannér was born 1947 and has had numerous solo exhibition at museums and galleries around Sweden. His work is in the collections of Göteborgs Konstmuseum, Borås Konstmuseum, Malmö Konstmuseum, and Ystads Konstmueum among others. He is represented by Galleri Magnus Karlsson in Sweden.

Hours: Fri–Sun 12–6pm & by appointment
For more info: info@skylightprojects.com or www.skylightprojects.com

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