Peter Köhler, Bloomsbury Spirit, Artipelag, Stockholm, Sweden

Peter Köhler is making a wall painting for the exhibition Bloomsbury Spirit at Artipelag, Stockholm, 23.3-30.9 2018.

Press release:
Bloomsbury Spirit

They lived in circles, painted in squares and loved in triangles.

23 mars – 30 september 2018

During the summer of 2018 the first exhibition in Sweden is held of the radical and boundary breaking Bloomsbury Group.

Idun Baltzersen, SIC, Helsinki, Finland

Participating artists:

Idun Baltzersen
Inka Bell
Robin Ellis
Inma Herrera
Konsta Ojala
Suvi Sysi
Tatu Tuominen

“In the age of digitalization, the eagle has landed.”

The exhibition The Eagle Has Landed brings together visual artists who share an experimental and open approach to printmaking. The exhibition wishes to examine the ways traditional techniques of printmaking are reinterpreted and altered in the field of contemporary art. Where can contemporary printmaking extend to?


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