Idun Baltzersen

Never Even

31.1–24.2 2019, 3:e våningen, Göteborg, Sweden

Fanny Hellgren, Idun Baltzersen, Jason Vaughn, Jenny Brosinski, Pablo Tomek, Stevie Dix

Never Even
Hosted by 3:e Våningen, Jan 31 — Feb 24, 2019

Curated by Alina Vergnano and Mattia Lullini, co—founders of the gallery and public art endeavour Nevven, for the historical Gothenburg’s dance and art venue 3:e Våningen — Never Even features six artists, from six different countries, working with six diverse and uniquely strong artistic languages, in what wants to be the first instalment of a program of group exhibitions.

Neither about balance nor coherence, Never Even is about the richness that comes from the challenges and compromises necessary to keep things that are so different under the same roof. In a moment in time and history in which diversity is seen as a threat and fear is used to push us towards more and more homologated and closed societies, this exhibition wants to celebrate the beauty of the unexpected connections that inevitably originate when we are instead confronted with variation. In our society as much as in the Swedish art—scene there is a clear need for more openness and space for diverse expressions, cultures and generations. Never Even wants to channel the excitement that only a dialogue within different voices can create and metaphorically shape it in the form of a choral exhibition. One next to the other, the works in this show grow together and on their own, enriched and affected by each other’s presence. They remind us of the importance that multiplicity has over conformity, openness has over protectionism, discussion has over monologue.

Juxtaposing and counterposing, challenging and consequently expanding its own vision and the one of its public has been the mission of Nevven since day one. The hope is that it will be reflected in this exhibition featuring six of the most representative, yet diverse artists that have worked with the gallery in the past four years.

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