Jens Fänge & Dan Wolgers

Visions on the Back of the Eye

15.6-1.9 2013 Karlskrona Konsthall, Sweden

From Press release (in Swedish only)

The exhibition Visions on the back of the Eye is curated by Carl Fredrik Hårleman. Hårleman has invited the artists: Nadja Bournonville, Jens Fänge, Sirous Namazi, Lars Nilsson and Dan Wolgers. The title of the exhibition is borrowed from Edvard Munch who sometimes spoke of "visions on the back of the eye". He also said "I do not paint what I see, but what I've seen." The selection of works is partly made to relate to the room's previous history, a foyer of a cinema. In other words, a space of expectations to a yet unseen experience. The idea of the exhibition is that the individual works coalesce into a cinematic narrative. Here, we encounter reflections on landscape painting, the absent gaze, prosopagnosi (face blindness), natural disasters, illusions, spatial labyrinths, the mystery of the artist studio and a lot of humor.

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