Charlie Roberts, Anna Bjerger et al. Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm, Sweden

One night only, first come first served!
Open between 5 pm – 9 pm

Got it for Cheap (GIFC) is a traveling group show with over 200 participtaing artists. All the works are made on roughly 30 x 21cm (A4) paper and priced at 300 SEK each. The exhibition is one night only,and the principle is: first come first served! No previews and no early admission.

När ingen vandrar vägen fram, då vandrar vägen själv sitt damm, Jockum Nordström, Galleri Magnus Karlsson

We are pleased to present Jockum Nordström’s seventh solo exhibition in the gallery; När ingen vandrar vägen fram, då vandrar vägen själv sitt damm. The exhibition features collages, drawings and sculptures from the last year, and is presented in all rooms of the gallery.

Heavy Water / Tungt vatten, essay by Sanna Samuelsson

My mind wanders to the blue mountains of Hälsingland. This is, however, no idyllic vision of nature, but rather a frightening one. Wolves live here, bears and all kinds of predators. We're traveling by car from Bollnäs, where I just arrived by train, and twilight is falling fast. Sara-Vide Ericson and I are getting to know one another. We found each other one evening in a corner of a pool hall in Södermalm. We “found each other” – that's precisely the how we put it.


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