Interview with Mamma Andersson on Louisiana Channel

Paintings as Weapons

The Louisiana Channel has made an interview with Mamma Andersson. You can watch the video on their website in Swedish with English subtitles.

“It is the psyche of the artist that is the product, it sprung from your own well, it’s your own water,” says Sweden’s great painter Karin Mamma Andersson in this portrait. “The moment you dig into something, it becomes a sort of self-image.”

Susanne Johansson, Johanna Karlsson, Petra Lindholm, Under horisonten / Below the Horizon, Galleri Magnus Karlsson

We are pleased to present Below the Horizon, an exhibition with new works by Susanne Johansson, Johanna Karlsson and Petra Lindholm. The exhibition has been developed through a long dialogue between the artists. The works included resonate with each other and bring up mutual investigations despite different expressions and techniques. Nature is both the setting and plays the lead part in the practice of these three artists.

Sara-Vide Ericson, Örebro Konsthall, Sweden

From Press release ( in Swedish only):

I mötet mellan det förflutna och nuet hittar Sara-Vide Ericson stoff för sina nya arbeten (2016). Det är en personlig uppgörelse med rötter och ett nystande av trådar bakåt i generationerna. Hon har bland annat använt sig av stulna kläder, ärvda föremål och iscensatt sina bilder på ”heliga” platser. Genom att använda sig av en performativ och mer intuitiv metod, där en händelse återskapas eller snarare levs, har hon upplevt en större frihet i arbetet och utmanat sig själv.

Maria Nordin, Jockum Nordström & Dan Wolgers, Färgfabriken, Stockholm, Sweden

2017 is the 30-year anniversary of the Beckers Art Award. This will be presented in a commemorative exhibition where all former winners of the award will participate alongside with this year’s winner, Anna Camner. Beckers Art award was established in 1987 and has since then proven to have a remarkable ability to identify young talent on the brink of a breakthrough in their careers. The winner is awarded a grant, which from this year has been raised from 150 000 to 200 000 SEK, and a solo exhibition that has, since 2001, been arranged and held in collaboration with Färgfabriken.


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