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Young Collectors

April 2014, Elgiz Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

The Elgiz Museum presents a selection of works from 5 young collectors from Turkey.
The contemporary arts scene is rapidly changing. In Turkey and throughout the world, talented students’ works are featured in galleries and auctions. Star artists are surrounded by the media and collectors, and creative young people are able to go through a fast-paced sultanate period until the next star candidate takes the stage. These “young generation” collectors make an effort to acquire the creations of artists close to their own generation.

The Elgiz Museum brings to light the efforts of collectors at a formation stage.
“Young Collectors” is put together by a curatorial team assigned by the museum. The works are evaluated in relation to art history by assistant professor Dr. Burcu Pelvanoğlu. Collectors’ or collection-related texts give clues to the show’s formation.

Selected works of the collectors Ahu Büyükkuşoğlu Serter, Ebru Özdemir, Hüma Kabakçı, Mehmet Ali Bakanay and Tansa Mermerci Ekşioğlu will be on view at the Elgiz Museum until May 7. In addition, the artists whose works are displayed will attend a variety of events and share their viewpoints with the public.
The artists whose works will be on view during this exhibition are: Ali Taptık, Ahmet Oran, Ardan Özmenoğlu, Azade Köker, Burak Delier, Emin Ansen Atilla, Erinç Seymen, Haluk Akakçe, Hatice Güleryüz, Hera Büyüktaşçıyan, Iman Issa, Klara Kristova, Matt Calishaw, Necla Rüzgar, Nezaket Ekici, Nilbar Güreş, Patrick Kowacovsky, Pouyan Shahpour, Ramazan Bayrakoğlu, Robert Montgomery, Sophie Calle, Susan Hefuna, Taner Ceylan, Volkan Aslan, Yuşa Altıntaş.

Proje 4L was founded by the Elgiz under the name of “Istanbul Museum of Contemporary Art” in its former premises in Levent. The museum opened in 2001, when there were no non-profit institutions in Turkey dedicated to contemporary art. Established with a mission to promote the development of contemporary art in Turkey, the initiave focused on giving space, support and international visibility to projects by young Turkish artists. As new art institutions and museums bloomed in Turkish art scene in 2005, the collectors converted the space to a private collection museum under the name ‘Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art’ to host the Elgiz Collection. Proje4L/Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art is located in the dynamic business district of Istanbul, Maslak and is open to the public free of charge.

Elgiz Collection consists of works of by influential Turkish and international artists, such as Ömer Uluç, Fahrelnissa Zeid, Abdurrahman Öztoprak, Tracey Emin, Jan Fabre, Barbara Kruger, Cindy Sherman, Andy Warhol, Peter Halley, Paul McCarthy, Julian Schnabel and Robert Rauschenberg. The eclectic content of the collection allows the viewer to enjoy a comprehensive journey through the major contemporary art movements of the last two decades, while promoting the globalization of Turkish art. With the integration of new works by young artists the Elgiz Collection maintains its dynamism and prevalence.

The new space of the Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art is established on 2000m2 of exhibiton space. Aside from the main hall, reserved for displaying selections from the Elgiz Collection, there are two Project Rooms, a glass Open Archive Room:“Archvarium” and a conference room. The Project Rooms are commisioned to young Turkish talents to give them a chance to exhibit their work, in some cases, for the first time. The Archvarium, open to visitors, is an archive room in which gallerists, collectors and art enhusiasts can browse through submitted artist portfolios and contact artists of their interest. The conference room hosts lectures focused on passion for collecting.

There is also a newly constructed 1500 m2 open air exhibition area on top of the Elgiz Museum, the only open air exhibition space in Istanbul that provides a changing exhibition to young and established artists.
The Elgiz Collection was granted the International Collecting Award by IFEMA Amigos de ARCO Association this year. This award was given to Sevda and Can Elgiz for transforming their passion for collecting into a social responsibility project with the mission to provide support for and international visibility to Turkish art.

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