Klara Kristalova & Idun Baltzersen

Omvägar / Detour

7.6–28.10 2018, Artipelag, Stockholm, Sweden

From Press Release:

Opens June 7th, 2018.

As a part of the summer program for 2018 the art department will expand the gallery to include the outside area surrounding Artipelag.

The exhibition Detour dramatically moves the show outside the architectural boundaries to a more open relationship between art and nature, as a complex search for other levels related to the human concept of the landscape. We call it a detour, which is a change of direction from the main road. Here we encounter primary levels from geology to biology, from astronomy to holistic worldviews.
With the show, we want to underline the diversity of places found in the surroundings of Artipelag. Each work will have its own area and atmosphere, and the experience of Detour will be a journey into a physical, but also fictional landscape.

Detour is produced by Artipelag’s art department. More info to come.

More information: www.artipelag.se
Review by magnus Bons in Konsten.net (In Swedish only)

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