Klara Kristalova

Perrotin Booth (A103)

11.11–15.11, 2020, West Bund Art & Design, Perrotin, Shanghai

From press release:
After her first solo exhibition in Asia at Galerie Perrotin Hong Kong in 2016, the gallery is pleased to dedicate a solo booth at Westbund to Swedish artist Klara Kristalova.

An essential component without being literally represented in it, the landscape occupies Klara Kristalova’s mental and physical universe, without being a theme in and of itself. It is inferred in fragments from the drawings and ceramics that populate the dark and mysterious exhibitions she has unveiled in recent years. She prefers evocation, the sensation of the landscape, to its literal representation.

Klara Kristalova’s studio is located in the Swedish countryside, in the forest by a lake, North of the Stockholm region. The scenography was inspired by the artist’s show in Perrotin Paris Camouflage (2017) that was already an evocation of this pregnant environment that infuses Kristalova’s imagination.

The landscape where the characters find themselves in Kristalova’s working environment is not exceptional in the eyes of the artist, even though it enchants her visitors. Accustomed to this natural presence, Kristalova takes inspiration from it without copying it. It is a landscape that she admires without idealizing it, from which she draws great inspiration from the marvelous to the strange. Nature occupies a very large space, anxious, haunted by its own disappearance, by its exposure to the climate changes that trigger its alteration. This sense of loss is everywhere in her work, infusing forms with a certain melancholy, the desire to embrace this powerful and fragile resource.

The works of Klara Kristalova follow one another, responding from one exhibition to the next. They are nourished by each other, and by this nature that produced them. They are so close to the artist, populating her relationship with the world, day after day; she lives with them. Her studio is filled with their presence. In the landscape, they arise from the moss, the leaves, the earth.

Human animals, animal people, as well as characters in full transformation appear in Klara Kristalova’s art. Her figures are therefore often associated with fairy-tale stories. However, this analogy does not go far enough. It is based on the misunderstanding that the fairy tales themselves hold our premonitions and primeval fears - but they only illustrate them. Klara Kristalova's drawings and sculptures, on the other hand, are not illustrations of these folk tales, legends and folk tunes, but rather, just like these, a translation of the most primal feelings of fear and desire.

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Perrotin Booth (A103)

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