Lars Arrhenius

Eye for an Eye

18.8-22.9 2012, Specta, Copenhagen, Denmark

Lars Arrhenius (b.1966) deals with the drama of everyday life. In his works he has often put on a birds eye to human behaviour where he tells stories on hidden contexts where everything in the end seems to be connected. In August/September Specta shows 66 prints by Lars Arrhenius, all illustrations from British newspapers from the end of the 19 th century. Here, carefully drawn illustrations were used to vividly emphasize events in order to reach more “readers”. All together the 66 prints form the more than 17 meters long suite “Eye for an Eye” from 2002. In the hands of Lars Arrhenius the slightly modified drawings have been connected in one long tale of murder, affect and horrifying deaths where no one is sparred – women and men, young and old, animals and children are hung, decapitated, stabbed, shot and drowned in this tour de force of an elaboration of the saying “Eye for an Eye”. Come and see how it ends!

Together with Eye for an Eye we show works by Andreas Schulenburg (b. 1975) also with a morbid content as everyday objects from our homes are given a twist. By adding traces of blood to oversized tools and kitchen utencils in felt, the familiar objects are deprived of their innocent nature and appear as real murder weapons. The idea of home and the well known as a safe haven collapses, and guilt, loss of control and discomfort takes over.

At the coming Art Copenhagen on September 14-16 in Forum, Copenhagen, Specta will present works by a.o. Andreas Schulenburg at booth 10. In connection to the booth we will show a solo presentation by Lars Arrhenius introducing a series of his animations and new drawings.

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