Lars Arrhenius

Dance of Death. The Dance of the Dead in Contemporary Art

15.10–25.11 2016, @ Museum of Communication, Bern, Germany

Participating artists:
Peter Aerschmann, Lars Arrhenius & Johannes Müntzing, Jürgen Brodwolf, Com&Com, Ingeborg Doetsch, Jeanette Ehlers, Food Cultura, Julienne Jattiot, Franticek Klossner, Reto Leibundgut, Rupprecht Matthies,Franziska Megert, Andrea Nyffeler, Meret Oppenheim, Lothar Seruset.

The transience of life has fascinated mankind for centuries. Artists use the parody of fear, fascination and hope in highly different manner. The exhibition in the Museum of Communication reveals the versatility of contemporary Dance of Death art - for the most part - with regional references. Special attention is given to new media artworks.
The exhibition is complemented through different exhibitions in Bernese galleries and art institutions and stands in context to the multifaceted activities around the Dance of Death theme in the Bernese autumn of 2016. A collaboration between the Museum of Communication and

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