Lars Arrhenius

The Ugly Troll and The Stupid Human

6.4–16.5 2019, Specta, Copenhagen, Denmark

From press release:

It is with great pleasure SPECTA presents a new solo show by the Swedish artist Lars Arrhenius. With an exceptionally multi-disciplinary oevre, counting a.o. animation, drawing, television, music, scenography and boardgames, Arrhenius has once again taken on a new media, as the exhibition consists of a brand new series of paper cuts, inspired by the Danish writer H. C. Andersen.

Lars Arrhenius has built both the paper cuts and the fairytale, with characters which belong to the genre, just as we know it from H.C. Andersen - this is how it begins..... As the story and the paper cuts unfold, we get a piece of real history, the history of oil. From when we get a hold on it, and discover its qualities, the value, that the oil gets and creates - and finally the future it represents. It is a story which is classic Lars Arrhenius, always politically entertaining, dark, incredibly well made - and never without edge.

The exhibition will present an installation of 12 paper cuts which all together form the story about The Ugly Troll and The Stupid Human, a story written by Lars Arrhenius. Furthermore there will be some individual paper cuts.

Lars Arrhenius will be in Copenhagen on April 5-6. For further information, please contact Gitte Johannesen e: or P: +45 2963 5594.

Lars Arrhenius (SE, 1966) lives and works in Stockholm. Arrhenius has made countless exhibitions and he is represented in a number of private and public collections, a.o. Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Malmö Konstmuseum, Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Stuttgart Kunstmuseum, Centro Gallego de Arte Contemporánea in Santiago de Compostela, West Collection in Philidelphia, Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, and in Denmark at Arken, Aros and the Danish Arts Agency.

Known for his video art, often pictogram-animations, Lars Arrhenius has also composed and written music, nominated for a Swedish Grammy award, and he has done several seasons of the award-winning childrens television show "Bon" for Swedish Television. Lars Arrhenius has also made a series of boardgames, the latest "Kalas" about climate and consumption. Furthermore, Arrhenius has made a number of public commissions.

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