Mamma Andersson et al.

Biennial of Painting – Inner Spaces

26.7–18.10 2020, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Belgium

From 26 July to 18 October 2020, MDD, Museum of Deinze and the Leie Region (Mudel) and Roger Raveel Museum, join forces to present the 7th edition of the Biennial of Painting.

Under the title Binnenskamers – a title chosen long before the corona crisis – the Biennial is an exciting opportunity to discover a wide selection of modern and recent paintings from Belgium and internationally. From such historical figures as Jean Brusselmans, Gust. De Smet, Emile Claus and Roger Raveel to contemporary practitioners like Chantal Akerman, Joëlle Dubois, Walid Raad, Bendt Eyckermans and Luc Tuymans, the Biennial offers a unique cross-section of the medium in its diversity.

The works included in the Biennial depict an equally wide range of inner spaces, among them the studio, the domestic interior and the inner realm of the imagination. Yet the theme also speaks to the stunning natural landscape of the Leie region. As there can be no inside without outside, Biennial visitors can enjoy the works on display as well as the inspiring surroundings of Deinze, Deurle, Machelen-Zulte and Latem.

Whether by bike, public transport, car or on foot, the Biennial is an open invitation to visitors of all ages to mix world-class art with an enjoyable day out in the country.

For this Biennale MDD works together with the municipality of Sint-Martens-Latem for the first time with presentations in the Gust de Smet Museum and in the crypt of the City Hall of Latem. On certain days, after reservation, you can also visit The Wunderkammer Residence and De Woning Van Wassenhove.

Work on view at MDD by:
Mamma Andersson, Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Léon De Smet, Gust. De Smet, James Ensor, Melissa Gordon, Suchan Kinoshita & Olivier Foulon, Marie-Fleur Lefebvre, Lucy McKenzie, Walid Raad, Maaike Schoorel, Chris Huen Sin Kan, Louis Thevenet, Luc Tuymans, Rik Wouters.

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