Maria Nordin & Lars Arrhenius

Map of the New Art, Imago Mundi

1.9–1.11 2015, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, Italy

About the Swedish collection Archive of Visions and Actions included in the exhibition: What happens if you ask more than two hundred artists to take on the same miniature scale – a ten by twelve centimeter linen canvas on a wooden frame – as their common starting point? What will the artists do with this common condition, having to change scale from much larger works – or from video, performance or conceptual works – to a small canvas? The variation among the Swedish participants is large in terms of age, geography, material, media, themes, and methods. Olle Bonniér was born in 1925 and made a name for himself as early as the 1940s, while Inez Jönsson and Johan Österholm are still in art academies. Most of the participating artists live in Sweden, but in all the different parts of the country. Some live abroad, others divide their time between Sweden and other countries, and a few live in Sweden only temporarily. As a natural consequence of today’s broad notion of art and its new techniques, many participants move between visual arts and other disciplines and artistic forms: choreography, poetry, music, architecture, fashion, design, comic books, illustrations for children’s literature, pedagogy, activism and social planning. They express themselves through a broad spectrum of media and traditions such as painting, sculpture, textile art, graffiti, tattoo, performance, moving image, glass design and installation art. More than ever, artists are seeking the borderland
between different forms of expression. Here, contemporary art serves as a door opener to new perspectives on artistic creativity and methodology, and as a way of gauging the Zeitgeist. The book Archive of Visions and Actions - Contemporary Art from Sweden presents
214 artworks by 227 Swedish artists and with introductory texts on the artists. The book includes essays by art critic Dan Jönsson, curator and artist Paula von Seth and project architect and collector Luciano Benetton. Editors: PhD Art Historian Jacob Kimvall, Paula von Seth and journalist Sven Carlsson. All artworks can be seen at the webpage The project Imago Mundi was initiated in South America 2006 by Luciano Benetton. Today it involves artists from 80 countries from around the world, including most African countries, Iran, North Korea, the Aborigines in Australia, and so forth. In spring 2014 Paula von Seth was assigned to curate the Swedish archive.

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