Petra Lindholm

Tur och Retur

24.8–22.9 2018, Hangmen Projects, Stockholm, Sweden

From press release:

Stephen McKenzie: Petra and Anna were finally introduced at the opening of Women don’t paint very well; a group exhibition where they were both participating artists at hangmenProjects 2016. This meeting had been talked about as far back as the year 2000. Anna at that time was writing and singing in the band Granada and Petra in her final years at KKH. Back then it was thought that Petra could make a music video for Granada, with the luxury of time it is much more fitting that they have now collaborated on the multimedia art installation Tur & Retur. From there the first encounter at hangmenProjects, they became interested in their common ground, a distant relationship to their own identity because of language. Similar feelings but from the opposing directions, Petra being Finland Swedish, growing up in Finland with Finnish as a second language and now living in Sweden speaking Swedish with a Finnish accent. Anna born in Finland but has grown up in Sweden, where her second language has become her first. An investigation into this dilemma has been the base of the collaboration. After a false start, a trip to Helsinki was organized without any clear plan, a night in a hotel and the ferry back to Stockholm.

Anna Järvinen (b. 1970 in Helsinki) moved to Täby outside Stockholm at age six due to mother's new marriage. Always had a longing back, will not return. Recorded with Granada in 1998-2003, released solo album Jag fick feeling in 2007, Man var bland molnen 2009, Anna själv tredje 2011 and Buren plus its Finnish counterpart Annan. En Anna. in 2015. Has toured the Nordic countries and performed at events such as Polar Music Prize. Nominated for Swedish Grammies, P3 Gold and Nordic Music Prize. Starred as Marie Antoinette in the musical Alla ska dö, men jag ska dö först, based on her music at Drottningholms Slottsteater in 2012-13, hosted TV show (SVT 2) Anna Järvinen och kvinnorna on Swedish Television (SVT) in 2016-17. Taken part of Hangmen Projects shows twice before and exhibited drawings in Helsinki, including Hanasaari/Hanaholmen Culture Center.

Petra Lindholm (b. 1973 in Karis) lives and works in Pjätteryd, Småland, Sweden. She studied at the Royal Institute of Fine Arts in Stockholm (1996–2001) and has had solo exhibitions in galleries and institutions in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy and the United States. She is represented in the collections of the Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Malmö Art Museum, Borås Art Museum, Västerås Art Museum, and Kiasma, Helsinki. In 2001 she received the Maria Bonnier Dahlin scholarship, and in 2006 she was awarded the third prize of Carnegie Art Award. Represented by Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm and Collectiva Gallery, Berlin.

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