Petra Lindholm

Empty Vessels

12.9–31.10 2014, Collectiva gallery, Berlin, Germany

The exhibition "EMPTY VESSELS" by Petra Lindholm contains various interpretations of mountains and people on expeditions. Images of hilly landscapes have been with the artist for quite some time. It started with some negatives she got from her grandfather, shot by a relative about 100 years ago. This lady, the artist’s grandfather’s aunt, took monotonous pictures of the same mountain, over and over again.

In her videos Lindholm has developed a special layer-to-layer technique which gives a distance and a dreamlike feeling to her work. Textile has now become a new way to express and visualize different scenes from her moving images by using multi-layered transparent textiles.

Last year Petra Lindholm lived by the highest mountains in the world during her eight months stay in Kathmandu, Nepal. The exhibition includes a video work in which we follow the footsteps and thoughts from people climbing the high peaks. This new piece has another approach to the same theme she investigated in an earlier film presented at Taidehalli, Helsinki last November. It is an abstraction of the collected interviews from the previous video. The mountain can be seen as a symbol of a general desire that exists in our society today. The dream of reaching the top, be happy for a while when the goal is reached, and then get on to even greater heights.

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