Petra Lindholm Et al.

A Journey to the Heartlands

3.2—25.4 2021, Saarijärvi Museum, Finland

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A Journey to the Heartlands presents new contemporary art, performances, lectures and workshops. The theme of the exhibition curated by Rickard Borgström is Notions of Place – From Belonging to Displacement. The exhibition features 29 Finnish and international artists/artist duos and extends to four exhibition venues in central Finland.

Petra Lindholm is interested in ecological issues as well as memory and time. Her preferred mediums are video and sound, but her latest works also include textile paintings of nature landscapes on wood panels. In her videos, Lindholm has addressed loneliness, which for her is a way of expressing the feeling of non-belonging. The video installation Tur och Retur, created jointly with Anna Järvinen, investigates their experiences on a boat trip from Stockholm to Helsinki. Lindholm and Järvinen reflect upon the feeling of belonging and not belonging to the two languages and countries.
Petra Lindholm (b. 1973) was born in the Swedish-speaking minority of Karjaa, and she currently lives in Pjätteryd, Sweden. She graduated from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in 2001. Lindholm’s work is characterised by subtle nuances of colour and powerful feelings.

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