Exhibition extended! Chart, De-Centred, 28.8–19.9 2020

Exhibition extended until September 19!

We have the pleasure of participating in the eighth edition of Chart Art Fair. The fair, which normally takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark, is this year being arranged in a new decentralized format at 28 galleries across the five Nordic capitals Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Reykjavik and Stockholm. It involves a combination of physical exhibitions, events and online activities. This year’s edition runs from August 28 to 30 and presents only female artists.

Liquid Crystals, a fictional essay by Sinziana Ravini on Jens Fänge’s exhibition

There are no facts in art, only interpretations, an endless interplay of different times and individuals. If we dare look long enough, some works can take us on an unpredictable journey through the unknown landscape of our minds, but art as such will forever slip from our grasp, I realise as I proceed through your hermetic world and wonder at the riddles, trapdoors, vanishing points and many-headed perspectives.


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