Sara-Vide Ericson & Charlie Roberts et al.


24.10–1.12 2019, Nevven Gallery, Gothenburg

NEVVEN is proud to invite you to:
Scott Anderson
Morgan Blair
Sara—Vide Ericson
Sunna Hansdóttir
Kate Klingbeil
Hiroya Kurata
Jon Pilkington
Charlie Roberts
Fabian Treiber
A group show curated by Joakim Ojanen
Oct 24 — Dec 1, 2019

Opening reception: Thursday, October 24, 18:00—20:00

NEVVEN is proud to present Artifacts a group exhibition curated by Swedish artist Joakim Ojanen. The show focuses on artworks depicting objects and uses this timely and peculiar subject matter as the outset for a survey on contemporary painting.

The idea for the exhibition was to collect some of my favourite painters in the same space. Like most people I’ve always been fascinated by objects, from the mobile spinning over me when I was a baby to marbles, action figures, pogs, lighters, clothes, fidget spinners, figurines. One or a few obsessions at a time for as long as I can remember. What is this? What is it good for? How did they make it? Why did they make it? How does it feel? How much does it weigh? Ever since my interest for painting started, one of my favourite motifs are painted artifacts. Man made objects that you could tell meant something to the artist who painted them.
Joakim Ojanen

The action behind the representation of objects by means of other objects (and specifically painting) is one of the earliest forms of art and at the same time an operation that strikes tensions and relations between the objects, their artistic corresponsives and creators which keeps intriguing philosophers and artists alike. It recalls Object—Oriented Ontology, its concept of allure and the questioning of the relations between subject/object and animate/inanimate. It’s also as simple as the Pokémons or each one of the collectibles, found objects or memorabilia that fascinates people since the dawn of times and even more in nowadays consumeristic society.

Vetted by Joakim Ojanen’s vision and sensibility and including artists from England, Germany, Japan, Sweden and the United States — Artifacts brings together an exciting and intergenerational group exploring and playing with the possibilities of objects in painting and paintings as objects.

The gallery welcomes you to join for the opening reception of the exhibition and the inauguration of its new venue in Molinsgatan 11, Göteborg. The artist will be present and free drinks will be offered by the multi—award winning Göteborg's O/O Brewing.
Do not hesitate to contact the gallery at to receive further informations about the exhibition, the press release or the preview web—catalogue (with pictures) of the show.

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411 33, Göteborg
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Saturday, Sunday: 12:00 — 16:00
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