Thomas Broomé

Winter Show 2

15.1–19.3 2022, Bendana | Pinel Art Contemporain, Paris, France

From press release:
Bendana | Pinel Art Contemporain is pleased to present "Winter Show 2" a group exhibition of works by artists from Europe and Latin America dedicated to painting and drawing that revolves around current events or memories. The exhibition seeks to create tension between the different and eclectic styles of the artists who work on corporality, colors and the search for light in order to give a further dimension to their work.

Francisca Aninat's work brings together different raw materials of everyday life, collected, the artist puts forward the corporality of the work and reconsiders our relationship to art. This double-sided work Hummingbird descents is impregnated with many symbols. On the front, wax drawings, written texts and embroidered codexes allude to a universe of ancestral practices. The key to interpretation is provided by the reverse side of the work, where embroidery and writings from mythological beliefs refer to the unknown and outside forces, in a mental journey into our unconscious.

The singularity of Thomas Broomé's approach is repetition as a recurring technique, with him the word is the image and the image is the word, they are both content and form. Broomé believes that the rooms we live in are self-portraits, not of who we really are, but of who we want to be. The work WatcherWatcher combines various historical and modern architectural elements of the 450-year-old Hotel de Marle in Paris and reconstructs them in his own dreamy way as a "portrait".

For almost thirty years, Alberto Cont has been exploring and working on the question of painting and the canvas, his work is focused on color and light. These lines of color are obtained from wider vertical strips that the artist will cover with several layers of resin. The thin and translucent layers of paint literally "veil" the initial composition, obscuring it more or less intensely depending on the chosen tonality. Infinite aerial or spatial perspectives are then born, transforming his canvases into luminous vibrations, whose power varies according to the dominant tone of the painting.

Mauro Giaconi imagines, in his method of "blurring", an enlarged drawing, leaving the usual format, which influences the energy and the senses that emerge from a space. To do this, he superimposes and connects layers of drawings with decomposed, erased and redrawn strokes, which together constitute a new image in which each element cannot be fully considered if taken individually. It focuses on experiences that create tension between opposing concepts such as construction and destruction; birth and death; depth and surface; confinement and freedom; dream and awakening.

Christiane Pooley purposely depicts indeterminate landscapes in this series of works in order to absorb the viewer into her paintings or to project herself into them without being completely involved. These landscapes often refer to her country of origin allowing for a very open narrative as well as an expanded space of projection. Pooley elaborates compositions that mix different temporalities and, through distance, also deals, as if in an underlay or in a double surface, with a burning actuality referring to all the uprooted people that the world knows today.

In his latest series, Matthias Reinmuth paints emotional landscapes that reflect the constant flow of sounds and images that are disseminated by the media, social networks, which are mixed with our daily lives. His paintings are made of successive layers of oil paint with washed and iridescent colors, which immerse us in a lyrical and dreamlike universe in which the rules of time and space are deconstructed. The viewer's perception becomes mobile to capture the physicality of the images and opens up to premonitions and the depths of space.

In this work, Julio Rondo remains faithful to his own unique technique of acrylic painting under glass. His works are situated between abstract painting and materiality.
Using personal visual memories, Rondo creates, without mimetically representing his environment, the archive of a life capable of activating feelings, thoughts and perceptions. Rondo's new works are not only the result of an intensification or a natural artistic development, but rather of an energy that exists in the pictorial space. The choice of colors brings memories of past decades that were marked by flamboyant pop culture into the present.

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