Thomas Broomé


7.10–31.10 2021, Institut Suédois, Paris, France

From press release:
Galerie Bendana | Pinel Art Contemporain c/o Institut suédois: Thomas Broomé

As part of our year-long program devoted to Friendship, the Institut Suédois is giving carte blanche to several French contemporary art and photography galleries that have supported and represented Swedish artists for many years.

After Galerie VU’ and Galerie NeC nilsson et chiglien, Galerie Bendana | Pinel Art Contemporain presents a soloshow of painter Thomas Broomé who has created new artworks specifically for the Institut Suédois.

Thomas Broomé’s most recent works reveal a further research of rooms which are portraits of our society. Broomé is convinced that the rooms we live in are our self-portraits, not of the ones we actually are, but of the ones we want to be. In this way he has, among others, made portraits of the house of the famous Swedish Director Ingmar Bergman in Fårö, Sweden where he lived for three months. Broomé made six paintings which have toured the world and were shown at the Institut Suédois in Paris, in printed form at the exhibition “Ingmar Bergman: la suite” in 2018.

Today Broomé has returned to Paris and this time to the Hôtel de Marle and made four portraits of the fantastic rooms in the building. However since we have all lived in a lockdown due to the Covid epidemic, this series of paintings are quite different. Thomas Broomé describes it as being extremely farsighted, forced to portray rooms which are 1500 kilometers away. The 450 years old rooms of the Hôtel de Marle he represents are used as a backdrop to current ideas and concerns. In the melting pot of a pandemic and a farsighted mind in lockdown; strange and wondrous things can happen.

Institut Suédois
11 rue Payenne
F-75003 Paris

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