Tommy Hilding et al.

Growing Pains: corporate overextension

17.2 2021, Sam Francis Gallery, USA

From press release:

Featuring works by artists Yrneh Gabon Brown, Liz Glynn, Tommy Hilding, Sam Keller, Glen Rubsamen, Michael Vahrenwald and Erik Winkowski.
Student Organized by Parker Benfield, Leo Bloom, Thea Davidson, Katy DiLeo, Sky Morgen, Ruby Port, Jack Slavin, Ava Stoughton, August Sunseri, Caroline Tannenbaum and Nina Yankovic.

Santa Monica, CA—The Sam Francis Gallery announces the exhibition Growing Pains: corporate overextension, on view Feb. 17. Organized by the Crossroads students participating in the Art Gallery Curatorial Project, the exhibition features artists whose works target instances of “corporate overextension”—the all-encompassing term for moments when economic endeavors are taken too far, breaking the point where we are comfortable with the rapid growth of our society and economy.

Legend and Reflex by Tommy Hilding depict a world of anonymous concrete cities, misanthropic social structures and nature tainted with human interference.
Glen Rubsamen’s paintings Holly, Exxon Valdez and Deepwater Horizon reflect the white elephants of landscape painting and the collective memory of human tragedy.
Liz Glynn sculpted Unfinished Business within her Emotional Capital Series to explore the cross between material and affective realities as they play out in and on the human body as well as the economy. Michael Vahrenwald captures artificial light shining down on perfectly cut grass outside well-known corporations; these photographs reflect the journey of something so natural, the grass, becoming hyper-managed by the businesses they reside beside. Yrneh Gabon Brown’s work from his collection Memba Mi Tell Yu highlights the drastic effects climate change has had on our world.
Using branded objects, Sam Keller creates playful sculptures representing the faults of mass producing. The repetition of symbols in the digital sketchbook entries of Erik Winkowski mirror general trends of overproduction and expansion. His animations evolve throughout their duration and are immortalized in a continuous state of production.

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Sam Francis Gallery
Peter Boxenbaum Arts Education Centre
Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences
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