Susanne Johansson, Örebro konsthall, Sweden

WOOD – An exhibition about wood and its material to build but also the relationship between human and nature. Artists with different forms of expression interpret nature and wood as material. The architect investigates the properties of wood in the angle of construction and habitat. During the exhibition period seminar around architecture and urban development from sustainability perspective.
Group exhibition.

The exhibition is given in collaboration with Galleri Exposé and Sveriges arkitekter (Architects of Sweden).

Sara-Vide Ericson, Eighteen Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

There is a world, a world before and beyond language, an ancient, primordial world. We all sense it – some to a bigger extend than others. Hunter gatherer. There was a language of images before these letters. A painterly language that many still intuitively recognize. We don’t always know how to decipher this language verbally, but we feel it calling us from the forests, the mountains, the oceans and the caves. Hunter gatherer painter. Reaching out, tapping our senses, activating our emotions, connecting us to the beyond.

Book signing with Jockum Nordström February 9, 12–4 pm!

For the Insects and the Hounds
Book signing Saturday February 9, 12–2 pm.

We have the pleasure to host the Swedish release of the book For the Insects and the Hounds by Jockum Nordström. It is published by Zeno X in Antwerp and Koenig Books in Berlin. A selection of works from 2014–2017 is presented over 184 pages, including a text by Katarina Wadstein Macleod

Meet Jockum Nordström at the gallery on Saturday between 12–2 pm, and get a signed copy of the book!


Artist talks at the galleries in The Royal Academy of Fine Arts on February 9th!

We have the pleasure of inviting you this Saturday for artist talks of the ongoing exhibitions at the galleries in the building of The Royal Academy of fine Arts. (Only in Swedish!)

Vi har glädjen att bjuda in till en gemensam visning av de pågående utställningarna på gallerierna i Konstakademiens hus. Konstnärerna berättar om sina respektive utställningar.

Ulf Lundin nominated for the Swedish Photo Book Award!

Ulf Lundin nominated to the Swedish Photo book award (in Swedish only).

Fem nominerade till Svenska Fotobokspriset 2019

Den 5 april avslöjas vem som vinner Svenska Fotobokspriset 2019. Fem böcker/fotografer har nominerats till priset som årligen hyllar svensk fotoboksutgivning och som ger vinnaren ett stipendium på 60 000 kronor. Bakom Svenska Fotobokspriset står Fotoförfattarna inom Svenska Fotografers Förbund. Priset instiftades år 1996 med syfte att lyfta fram och stärka svensk kvalitativ fotoboksutgivning. Den första pristagaren var Anders Petersen.


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