Jens Fänge, Galerie Perrotin, New York, USA

Swedish artist Jens Fänge excels in creating subtly understated yet emotionally charged territories that merge abstract space with the human figure. His composite paintings and nested assemblages are often integrated into murals with vanishing points so elusive that they induce vertigo. Conflicting angles, off-kilter floors, and tilted walls make for fragmented interiors that seem neither two- nor three-dimensional. These ambiguous zones are inhabited by partially or fully rendered figures that gaze from framed portraits or appear like cut-out protagonists in a puppet or shadow play.

Idun Baltzersen et al., 3:e våningen, Göteborg, Sweden

Fanny Hellgren, Idun Baltzersen, Jason Vaughn, Jenny Brosinski, Pablo Tomek, Stevie Dix

Never Even
Hosted by 3:e Våningen, Jan 31 — Feb 24, 2019

Curated by Alina Vergnano and Mattia Lullini, co—founders of the gallery and public art endeavour Nevven, for the historical Gothenburg’s dance and art venue 3:e Våningen — Never Even features six artists, from six different countries, working with six diverse and uniquely strong artistic languages, in what wants to be the first instalment of a program of group exhibitions.

Konstnärssamtal med Anna Bjerger och julavslutning!

(In Swedish only): Julen närmar sig och vi är snart inne på sista veckan av Anna Bjergers uppmärksammade utställning Lit. Ni är varmt välkomna till vår julavslutning och ett samtal mellan Ashik Zaman och Anna Bjerger om hennes konst. Under utställningens sista dagar finns även chansen att se hennes installation med 27 akvareller, Last Orders (2017) i galleriets inre rum. Utställningen pågår t.o.m. lördag 15 december.

Tid: Fredag 14 december kl. 17–20
Samtal med Anna Bjerger och Ashik Zaman kl. 18.00!
Adress: Fredsgatan 12, Stockholm


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