Eating With Our Eyes, a text about the exhibition The Eaters

When I was at culinary school and we were boiling meat stock in gigantic pots, something I had never seen or done before, we would chuck in all the leftovers that weren’t garbage: vegetable peel, meat, bones, tendons from cleaning a steak, and any other tasty morsels that could add flavour to the ever-simmering pot that would sometimes cook for days. Nothing was wasted, and I really liked that process.

Äta med ögonen, en text om utställningen The Eaters

När jag gick på restaurangskolan kokade vi köttbuljong i stora grytor, något jag varken hade sett eller gjort tidigare. Då slängde man ner det som blev över men som inte var skräp: grönsaksspill, kött, ben, och senor efter man parerat en stek, och annat smått och gott som kunde ge smak till den ständigt småputtrande grytan som ibland stod på i flera dagar. Inget fick förspillas, och jag gillade den processen väldigt mycket.

Lars Arrhenius, Specta, Copenhagen, Denmark

From press release:

It is with great pleasure SPECTA presents a new solo show by the Swedish artist Lars Arrhenius. With an exceptionally multi-disciplinary oevre, counting a.o. animation, drawing, television, music, scenography and boardgames, Arrhenius has once again taken on a new media, as the exhibition consists of a brand new series of paper cuts, inspired by the Danish writer H. C. Andersen.

Richard Johansson, Market Art Fair 2019

We are pleased to present a solo exhibition with Richard Johansson (b. 1966) in booth #35 at this year’s edition of Market Art Fair in Stockholm, Sweden. Despite the limited space offered at a fair, the ambition is to highlight Johansson’s multiple working methods and the diversity in expressions and materials. Paintings, sculptures and objects made in the last year is presented at the fair.

Rum av möjligheter (Rooms of Possibilities) – a conversation between Bella Rune and Jens Fänge, April 1, 6 pm.

We have the pleasure to invite you to a conversation between the artists Bella Rune and Jens Fänge in connection to her current exhibition XYZ at the gallery.

Time: Monday April 1, 6.00 pm
Place: Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Fredsgatan 12
Free entrance

Limited number of seats. The conversation will be in Swedish.

(The gallery will be open from 5 pm, if you want to see the exhibition at the same time)

Bella Rune, Belmacz, London, United Kingdom


Whilst structural conveniences begin to collapse and the remnants of enlightenment ideas are nullified, Estragon extends a welcome to estrangement from the peripheries of an imagined, contingent space.

In a speculative orchestration, we will design a governing framework for community socialisation, object-to-object meaning disclosure and carnal interactions, displaced from cultural and mythical origins.


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