Anna Bjerger, Jens Fänge, Carl Hammoud & Maria Nordin et al., Olle Nymans ateljéer, Saltsjö-Duvnäs, Sweden, 10.7–15.8 2021

Från press release:

“Glass Tableware in Still Life” är ett svensk-japanskt interdisciplinärt konstprojekt som sammanlänkar bildkonst med glaskonsthantverk i berikande dialog. Nio svenska och nio japanska bildkonstnärer samarbetar med glaskonstnären Yoko Andersson Yamano för att skapa glasföremål för det dukade bordet, till sina stillebenmålningar.

Carl Hammoud, Sten A Olsson’s Culture Scholarships 2020, Sweden

Carl Hammoud is one of the recipients of this year’s award from Sten A Olsson’s Foundation for research and culture.

An exhibition will be held at Göteborgs Konstmuseum. The exhibition is currently postponed due to the current situation.


From Press Release:

Dreamlike tropical landscapes, cosmic circles in ceramics and hyperrealist painting. The Gothenburg Museum of Art ends the exhibition year 2020 with a nuanced presentation featuring large-scale oil paintings and sculptural ceramics.

Stilla liv / Still Life, Hellvi Kännungs, Gotland

We are pleased to announce the ninth summer exhibition at Hellvi Kännungs, Gotland, Sweden. The exhibition Still Life presents a personal selection of paintings, sculptures and photographs around the concept of still life. Pictures and objects of subjects which have been carefully arranged or where everyday life and chance have set the stage. In some works the objects are loaded with content and history, in others reduced to forms and surfaces in a composition.

Helene Billgren, Jens Fänge, Carl Hammoud, Tommy Hilding, Jeff Olsson et al. Bohusläns Museum, Sweden

From press release:
Welcome to our summer exhibition Art Attack delivering a real injection of contemporary art to you! Art Attack was born out of the Corona crisis when we had to change our planned summer exhibition. We hope this acts as an “art attack” stimulating your mind in a positive way during uncertain times. Right now, when we ourselves and the world at large face challenges, art can contribute to reflection and perspective on our existence and eternal existential questions.

Carl Hammoud, SAK:s commissioned work 2020

From press release:
This year, the assignment to produce the Swedish Public Art Association's commissioned work, a series of a hundred unique works united by a red thread, has been awarded the artist Carl Hammoud. All 100 works will be presented at SAK's annual exhibition 2020 and this is the only chance to see them all together. Previous artists who have produced commissioned works have been Nisrine Boukhari, Ella Tillema, Tilpo, Christian Partos, Astrid Sylwan, Eva Marie Lindahl, Julia Peirone and Clay Ketter.

Främlingar / Strangers at Hellvi Kännungs, Gotland, Sweden

The exhibition is extended until August 1. Open Wednesday July 31 and August 1 between 2–6 pm!

This exhibition is a personal selection of works that all formally resemble the portrait. Some of them are made as portraits of specific people, while others merely use the human face as a means of expression. Common to all drawings, paintings and sculptures is that the depicted a person is the main motif of the work. The oldest artwork in the exhibition dates from the 17th century, the last one was finished only a few weeks ago.

Cries and Whispers at Trafo Kunsthall, Oslo, Norway

Cries and Whispers is a group exhibition presenting Swedish contemporary painting and sculpture. Here, eight artists, born in the 60s, 70s and 80s, are invited to represent a figurative art movement that has received great attention in Sweden and internationally. The title, borrowed from Ingmar Bergman’s film Cries and Whispers from 1972, echoes in the exhibition. There is a strong relationship between these artists, but also crucial differences in their approach. Both the intimate, vulnerable whispers and the distant, powerful cries can be traced.

New interview with Carl Hammoud in C-print Journal

Ahead of his awaited new solo exhibition at Galleri Magnus Karlsson, C-print contributor Carolina Bergquist sits down with painter Carl Hammoud in his studio for a conversation about how a chance encounter with film director Ruben Östlund led to revisiting a past work of his own which in turn lays out the framework of his entire new exhibition. Moreoever, Carl addresses the notion of chaos which appears omnipresent and is commonly attributed to large parts of Carl's body of work.

Do you want me to take my shoes off?

Galleri Magnus Karlsson at Frieze Art Fair, New York

Frieze New York opens today! We are pleased to participate for the third time. This year we will present new works by gallery artists Lisa Jonasson, Thomas Broomé & Carl Hammoud. We look forward meeting you in our stand #C27!

Please contact the gallery for more information and visuals.
For contact during the fair, call or text Magnus +46 708 106 906, or send an e-mail.

Public hours:
Thursday, May 5, 11am–7pm
Friday, May 6, 11am–8pm
Saturday, May 7, 11am–7pm
Sunday, May 8, 11am–6pm

Carl Hammoud, Lora Reynolds Gallery, Austin, Texas

From Press Release:

Lora Reynolds is pleased to announce Anti Image, an exhibition of new paintings by Carl Hammoud in his third show at the gallery.

In the past, Hammoud’s investigations have centered around the acquisition, organization, and interconnectivity of knowledge across all fields of study. He has painted objects and tableaux from academia, library science, and museology.

Carl Hammoud, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, South Korea

From Press Release:
The human image: Masterpieces of figurative art from the British Museum

The human figure has been a central theme of visual art throughout history. It is the primordial image, created in a boundless variety of formats and used to express fundamental ideas concerning the human condition. This compelling new exhibition comprises a superb selection of figural artworks from the collection of the British Museum, including many renowned masterpieces.

Galleri Magnus Karlsson c/o Hotel le Manoir, Banyuls sur Mer, France

Galleri Magnus Karlsson has partnered with Hotel le Manoir in Banyuls-sur-Mer, France. We will make on-site exhibitions with gallery artists and also work towards an exchange between the artists, guests of the hotel and the local cultural scene. The first exhibition presents more than 30 works by 16 of the gallery’s artists.The works are not selected on the basis of a special theme, but there are a number connections to the geographical location, the building and the local nature and culture.

Chart Art Fair, Copenhagen, 21–23.8 2015

We are proud to participate in the third edition of Chart Art Fair in Copenhagen. The fair is focused on contemporary art from the leading galleries in the Nordic region. It showcases a selection of carefully selected and invited galleries and features an ambitious collateral programme of talks, performances and special projects.

In our stand (#19) we will present new works on paper by a selection of gallery artists. Please contact us for more information and visuals.

Welcome to Copenhagen!

Med ryggen mot världen / With My Back to the World, Hellvi Kännungs, Gotland 4.7–2.8 2015

We are pleased to announce this summer’s exhibition at Hellvi Kännungs, Gotland. The rebuilt limestone barn located on northeastern Gotland functions as Galleri Magnus Karlsson’s project space during summertime and this year marks our fifth consecutive presence throughout the month of July. This year’s exhibition, With My Back to the World, has been curated in collaboration with gallery artist Carl Hammoud, who also participates in the exhibition with Mette Björnberg, Ann Edholm and Bella Rune.

Carl Hammoud, Lora Reynolds Gallery, Austin, USA

Lora Reynolds is pleased to announce The Arrangement of Separate Elements, a project room exhibition of new paintings, watercolors, and drawings by Carl Hammoud. This is the artist’s second solo presentation at Lora Reynolds Gallery.

This body of work depicts objects most of us take for granted: books, clothing, a stack of hats, a pair of glasses. As with all of his work, Hammoud renders the imagery precisely and illusionistically, leaving little trace of his own hand in his trademark palette of cool blues and grays.

Carl Hammoud, Design Matters, Los Angeles, USA

Word Bites Picture is an ongoing project by Friend & Colleague, launched at the Storefront For Art & Architecture in 2013. Contemporary artists, selected on grounds of pure subjective preference, are asked to submit an artwork of their choice, without comment or background story. In response to the artwork, Katya writes a 500-word fiction, resulting in a ‘caption’ that does little to clarify the artwork, but might capture something that’s otherwise difficult to articulate, like atmosphere or disposition.

Jens Fänge, Jeff Olsson, Helene Billgren & Carl Hammoud, Bohusläns museum, Uddevalla, Sweden

Some of the participating artists:
Jens Fänge, Tuija Lindström, Peter Johansson, Annica Karlsson Rixon, Jacob Dahlgren, Andreas Eriksson, Lotta Hannerz, Ann Eringstam, Jeff Olsson, Maria Miesenberger, Eva Klasson, Gerry Johansson, Lovisa Ringborg, Julia Peirone, Dana Sederowsky, Helene Billgren, Patrik Andine, Omid Delafrouz, Leif Elggren, Lotta Antonsson, Carl Hammoud, Annika von Hausswolff, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Tomas Lundgren & Maria Johansson.

2014, Galleri Magnus Karlsson

We are pleased to present the group exhibition 2014. A selection of gallery artists including: Mamma Andersson, Lars Arrhenius, Thomas Broomé, Sara-Vide Ericson, Carl Hammoud, Tommy Hilding, Kent Iwemyr, Richard Johansson, Susanne Johansson, Lisa Jonasson, Klara Kristalova, Ulf Lundin, Maria Nordin, Dan Wolgers and others.

Carl Hammoud & Jockum Nordström, Magasin 3, Stockholm, Sweden

Curator: David Neuman

Maya Attoun, Ann Böttcher, Mark Dion, Marcel van Eeden, Carl August Ehrensvärd, Kendell Geers, Jan Groth, Robert Guillot, Carl Hammoud, Carl Fredrik Hill, Bror Hjorth, Ernst Josephson, R.B. Kitaj, Alfred Leslie, Elias Martin, Bjarne Melgaard, Jockum Nordström, Tal R, Julie Roberts, Gil Shani, Johan Tobias Sergel, Amy Simon, Olle Skagerfors, Jacob Stangerup, Fredrik Söderberg, Keith Tyson, Alexandra Zuckerman, Christine Ödlund

Carl Hammoud, Analysis, Method, Unfold, Galleri Magnus Karlsson

We are pleased to announce Carl Hammoud’s fourth solo exhibition at the gallery: Analysis, Method, Unfold. The exhibition consists of new paintings, drawings and sculptures accompanied by a room displaying a selection of sketches, notes and other references used in conjunction with the works. The exhibition title refers to the structure of learning as well as the artistic practice.

Carl Hammoud, Lora Reynolds Gallery, Austin, Texas, USA

Lora Reynolds is pleased to announce personal, political, mysterious, a group exhibition of work by 14 artists—including Robert Gober, Louise Bourgeois, and Nancy Grossman—working in painting, sculpture, drawing, and photography. This is the second iteration of the exhibition, the first of which was on view at the FLAG Art Foundation (New York) in the summer of 2013.

Time Waits for Us, Galleri Magnus Karlsson

Galleri Magnus Karlsson is pleased to announce a group exhibition that will be on display throughout the summer. In conjunction with the inauguration of Nationalmuseum’s temporary space with the exhibition Carl Larsson - Friends and Enemies in our building (The Royal Academy of Fine Arts), we will show Time Waits for Us . This exhibition presents new works by all of our gallery artists.

Carl Hammoud & Jens Fänge, Gallery Baton, Seoul, South Korea

From Press Release:

Gallery Baton is pleased to present Diplopia, an exhibition introducing new works by Swedish artists Jens Fänge and Carl Hammoud.

Diplopia is the technical term for double vision; the simultaneous perception of two images. The title refers to the common denominators in the works of Fänge/Hammoud, such as the usage of two (or more) images, the double exposure of objects, or simply the equivocal nature of their works - where one interpretation is as true as another.

Artist’s website:

Download full biography:

Mamma Andersson, Idun Baltzersen, Amy Bennett, Helene Billgren, Anna Bjerger, Mette Björnberg, Thomas Broomé, Marcel Dzama, Niklas Eneblom, Sara-Vide Ericson, Jens Fänge, Carl Hammoud, Tommy Hilding, Kent Iwemyr, Susanne Johansson, Richard Johansson, Lisa Jonasson, Johanna Karlsson, Bruno Knutman, Klara Kristalova, Peter Köhler, Hans Lannér, Petra Lindholm, Ulf Lundin, Maria Nordin, Jockum Nordström, Jeff Olsson, Charlie Roberts & Bella Rune

Summer Group Show

Mamma Andersson, Roger Andersson, Lars Arrhenius, Idun Baltzersen, Amy Bennett, Helene Billgren, Anna Bjerger, Mette Björnberg, Thomas Broomé, Amy Cutler, Marcel Dzama, Niklas Eneblom, Sara-Vide Ericson, Jens Fänge, Carl Hammoud, Tommy Hilding, Kent Iwemyr, Richard Johansson, Susanne Johansson, Johanna Karlsson, Lisa Jonasson, Bruno Knutman, Klara Kristalova, Peter Köhler, Hans Lannér, Petra Lindholm, Ulf Lundin, Maria Nordin, Anne-Marie Nordin, Jockum Nordström, Jeff Olsson, Charlie Roberts, Bella Rune & Dan Wolgers

Stockholm Calling, London

Mamma Andersson, Roger Andersson, Lars Arrhenius, Amy Bennett, Helene Billgren, Mette Björnberg, Thomas Broomé, Amy Cutler, Marcel Dzama, Niklas Eneblom, Sara-Vide Ericson, Jens Fänge, Carl Hammoud, Tommy Hilding, Kent Iwemyr, Richard Johansson, Susanne Johansson, Lisa Jonasson, Johanna Karlsson, Bruno Knutman, Klara Kristalova, Peter Köhler, Hans Lannér, Petra Lindholm, Ulf Lundin, Anne-Marie Nordin, Maria Nordin, Jockum Nordström, Johannes Nyholm, Jeff Olsson, Charlie Roberts & Dan Wolgers

Time Waits for Us

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