Runtom Hill / About Hill

Mamma Andersson & Tal R
Mamma Andersson, Tal R, 2023
30,5x22,5x2,2 cm

ISBN: 978-87-88307-98-6

Dimensions: 30,5x22,5x2,2 cm

Pages: 198

Published in connection with the touring exhibition Runtom Hill / About Hill at Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg, Malmö Art Museum and Museum MORE.


Editors: Søs Bech Sharpe & Marcus Pompeius

Graphic design: Spine Studio

Foreword by: Lasse Andersson, Kirse Junge-Stevnsborg & Maite van Dijk


A Solitary Crowd in Nordic Darkness by Søs Bech Sharpe

Realm of Whispers, interview by Stephanie Cristello

King Me, Three poems about Carl Fredrik Hill by Lars Norén

Behind Bad Prison Doors by Pedro Westerdahl


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