In Frames: Maria Nordin, Niklas Eneblom & Ulf Lundin

10 November - 18 December 2010
Press Release

Galleri Magnus Karlsson is pleased to present the exhibition IN FRAMES with new works by the artists; Niklas Eneblom, Maria Nordin and Ulf Lundin.
The title can allude to framed paintings at an exhibition, but rather highlights the artists' relationship to film, working practices and regulations.


Gallery 1:
Niklas Eneblom


Niklas Eneblom is showing a new series of smaller paintings similar to film stills. Recurring in the paintings is a woman, seen from behind or with her face turned away, as if avoiding the eyes of the viewer. The cinematic perspective is enhanced by the proportions the paintings (close to 16:9 or the letterboxformat) and the frozen moments, from apparently ordinary, but at the same time intense, situations that are depicted.


Gallery 2:

Maria Nordin


Maria Nordin works with watercolour as free-standing paintings but also as base for her animations. In this exhibition she is showing a number of larger watercolours, with inspiration from different periods in the art history that refers to the body, particularly the 60’s and 70’s body art, as well as church paintings from the Renaissance.
The work speaks about human beings as bodies and the interactions between the figures. Through painting Maria Nordin explores the carnal, the skins function as an interface and surface, and the spaces in between that appear. She will also show a film made by 24 watercolours animated in a loop, based on a performance by Vito Acconci, 1971.


Gallery 3:
Ulf Lundin


Ulf Lundin has been working on a series of photographs called STILL FILMS since 2006 and was shown in a larger acknowledged exhibition at the gallery in 2008.
During the continuous work he has also developed a number of photographs in panorama, which are now shown for the first time. Each picture consist of a multitude of exposures taken from a rich archive of documentary photographs, put together digitally, and by adding and subtracting Ulf Lundin has created a new reality of his own. In the pictures the locations has become even more important and the photographs register landscapes and sequences of events that otherwise can’t be perceived by the eye.

Installation Views